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Is it My Voice or THE VOICE OF GOD?

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen! How are you all doing? How is your Sunday going? Did you go to church today? What did you learn? I learnt a lot today! The pastor preached on the topic, “Jesus’ Supreme test.” There were two important messages I got from the sermon. The first is that as Christians, we would face death (death in this case, is the difficulties we would go through to follow God), but we must not worry because we have our resurrection coming soon. The second message I got from the sermon was that as Christians, we know our mission; in performing our mission, we must stand strong in God and not in our own might! Hallelujah! Do share with the world what you learnt at church today!

Today, we would be looking at our voice and the voice of the Holy Spirit (God). Let’s see the circumstances where God speaks in the Bible. There are so many verses in the Bible shows traits of God speaking to us. The first is Romans 10:17 which says that “So faith comes from hearing and hearing through the word of God.” Just a few days back, I was having a conversation with my mother, she told me that God’s voice can be backed by the Word. I nodded in agreement, now I have found a Bible verse talking about it. Here, the Bible is telling us that as we are reading the Bible, God is speaking to us. Anytime you are doing your Bible study, God is talking to you. Are you hearing His voice? Can you recognize His voice? These two questions are very important; we would get to it soon. The break down analyses of Bible verses is the Holy Spirit teaching you understand God’s language for a specific reason or situation. Why? This is because from each verse in the Bible, different people get different interpretations from the Holy Spirit. This happens because each individuals’ circumstances are different or the events happening in the individual’s life is different. This is one of the reasons why Bible study is very important. It is a medium for us (as Christians) to hear from God and to listen to what He has for us. That is why when you were sad, and you picked the Bible, you found the answer you were looking for.

Let us look at another verse, John 10:27. This verse says, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.” This verse is interesting. The first part says my sheep hear my voice, here Jesus is calling us his sheep and himself our shepherd. For all the Christians who truly follow Christ (just like sheep follow their shepherd), they can identify God’ voice. Are we all sheep? Do you follow God wholeheartedly? Do you listen to Him and obey Him? Then when He speaks you can recognize it. It is very important to recognize God’s voice. If not, you can easily go off.

When I gave my life to Christ. I kept on wondering how God sounds like. Then when God started speaking to me, I recognized it. I don’t know how? But you will know. It is a voice that is not forceful, it is not pressurizing, and it only speaks the Truth. When you put on Christ, you have Christ living in you; with the help of the Holy Spirit, you can identify God’s voice. There is a condition to it: your heart must be pure (Christ living in your heart).

Today’s post is to be a reflection post, ahead of the coming week. It is to encourage you to keep on following God. However, most importantly, it is for you to sit back and answer some very important questions about your walk with Christ. Do you hear from God? Can you identify God’s voice? Most importantly, do you have Christ in your heart? Are you a born-again Christian? You must be true to yourself if you want to progress in this walk with God and allow Him to fully take control over your life.

Your voice is what I call “the body voice.” I call it that because most of the time it is what the body is telling you. It is always the voice that wants instant praise, instant joy, instant solutions, instant everything. It always looks out for comfort. Do you recognize this voice? It is important to, so that you do not mix your wants with God’s wants for your life. A lot of Christians cannot even recognize their own voices, they just act upon the first voice they hear, thinking it is from God. This is wrong! I was able to recognize my voice through the word of God and prayer. It is not too late for you! If you want to experience God first-hand and hear Him, it is important for you to ask the holy Spirit for guidance and help; so, you can differentiate all the many voices in your head! Do not be discouraged! You can always call on a Christian friend or brother to support you in this journey! You are not alone! Remember that!

Have a wonderful day and let God inspire you!

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