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Wednesday Wise Words- Do You Support Ministry?

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen! Hope are having a lovely day! Today’s topic is one that has been on my heart for a very long time. We are looking at supporting Ministry. I hope you are ready for another intriguing message from the Holy Spirit.

There will be two things that we would be looking at today. Firstly, we would be looking at Christians support for Ministry and secondly, the expectation of support in Ministry. Let us start with the first one: Christians support for Ministry.

There are so many people who call themselves Christians but do not support Ministry or any work of God. As Christians it is important to support other ministries so that the work of God would grow and spread to all the corners of the earth. This can be in the form of money, prayers, donations, advise, etc. There many ways in which you can support Ministry.

There are several Christians who fail to do that. Instead, they spend their time and effort complaining and ignoring people who invest their time into it. This discourages the people who are actively taking part in Ministry. This is a reason why quite a number of people leave Ministry. It is quite disheartening that Christians do this. But this is the reality.

To those who do not support Ministry, I would urge you to find a Ministry of interest and support it. Ministry comes in different kinds and forms. It could be through music or even dance. Sammie’s Daily Dose is a ministry. You reading the daily messages is supporting the ministry.

To all those who are feeling discouraged, I would like to tell you to not give up God’s work. There is a lot of blessings and favour from doing God’s work. I understand that you feel; know that God appreciates your effort and your work. He sees all the sacrifice you are doing for Him. He shall surely bless you. Do not focus on the support from others. It is well.

Next, I would be touching on the expectation of support in Ministry. A lot of times, we (people in Ministry) have very high expectations of people. The worst/ highest expectations are experienced against fellow Ministry men and women. For example, each day I expect people to read Sammie’s Daily Dose. When people don’t, I get sad and worried and think that I am doing wrong. When I send notifications to other people in ministry, I get very angry when they do not read the messages. Why? This is because I feel like thy, more than anyone, understands the feeling of not being supported. Thus, they should.

I had a conversation with a friend yesterday about this. He told me that I must reduce my expectation because my focus should not be the support. If it is, then I am losing focus on the main thing. My focus should be on God. If I write a message and no one reads, God reads it. That is what is important.

I would like to encourage people in ministry to stop expecting support and focus on God. He gives you all the support you need. He is the main reason. When you focus on Him and have a pure heart, He would let you experience the earthly support.

From all this, I realized that this is a test from God. He wants to see how focused I am on the work He has assigned to me. Am I losing my focus? Am I concentrating on the worldly influences? By God’s Grace, I will pass this test and so would you. Hallelujah!

  • Have a wonderful day and let God inspire you!

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