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2019! Our Year Of......!!

Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Happy New Year to you all! I know this is a bit late; however, it is better late than never. How has 2019 been so far? Have you reflected on the past year and recorded your high and your lows? Have you made your resolutions? In today’s message, you and I would be making some declarations about 2019. Lets’ Go!

On the first of January, I was scrolling through Instagram and I saw different Pastors, Gospel artists, etc. declaring things for the year. I decided to do same. I prayed to God seeking what to declaration to make! The He drew my attention to something Dr. Mensa Otabil (Head Pastor, International Central Gospel Church) said at his watch night service. Dr. Otabil mentioned that before he declares a theme for a new year; he begins to pray about it and wait on God from July of the previous year. When God drew my attention to it; all I muttered was “Wow!”

Then God asked me the reason I am in a rush to make a declaration. I realized that it was because I thought it was cool and all the “men and women of God” were doing same. Then God became sad and said, “This is what Christians are doing! They have reduced their individual power to take up a fanciful declaration or theme for the year.” I began to wonder about what God was saying and I realized that it was actually the truth. There are so many pastors, reverends and preachers of the Gospel that come up with these things because they are a trendy thing. The question is, “As Christians, are we able to sift through and decipher which are from God?”

“Why are Christians mixing my Word and my commandments with the ways of this world?” God asked. I was very sad upon hearing this question. Then God drew my mind to extras to this. Many people do declarations for publicity and for money. We even have Christians who argue about which church had a better declaration or theme. Oh Christians! Why are we acting this way? Christians arise from your slumber!

Now, we are going to make personal declarations because as children of God, we have the power and authority to declare things into being. You do not need to depend on a Pastor’s declaration. This is not to thwart those declarations, you can add them. The main point of this is for us all to understand that we have the power to declare things to happen in our lives.

First of all, our declarations must be backed by the Word. Make a list of what you want God to do for you this year. Then go to the Bible and get scriptural backing/ evidence. Meditate on the verses you have chosen. (God can change them or add them). This is a process. Everyone is different. Some people would have made their declarations in a day, others a week; others a month.

After making the list, finding scriptures, now you have to pray into the things you have listed down. Write them down on mini-cards or flashcards that you can easily carry around. Each day (whenever you want) take these cards and confess them. Say them out loud and with authority. These become your declarations.

I urge you to take up this exercise. I will be doing the same! Let’s declare our way through 2019 and it’ll be one of the best years yet! Happy New Year once again brothers and sisters. God bless you.

  • Have a wonderful day and let God inspire you!

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