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What kind of Christian are You?

Topic: What Kind of Christian are You? (Inspired by the movie “Overcomer”)

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen! How are you all doing? Today, we are going to take a look at our Christian lives. Today’s message was inspired a movie titled “Overcomer.” This movie was produced by the Kendrick brothers. I would encourage each and every one of you to find some time to watch this movie. The movie has so many lessons in it.

If you were asked, “What kind of Christian are you?”, I am sure that there would be so many responses that would come up. Some responses would go along the lines, “I am a true Christian!”, “I am a good Christian!”, etc. Some may get offended or upset. However, these are very important questions that you and I must be able to answer. Are we Christians that walk-the-talk or are we Christians who just talk-the-talk? Think about it?

In the movie, Overcomer, Coach Harrison told Thomas Hill that he would pray for Thomas. This happened on their first day of meeting. On a subsequent visit, Thomas Hill questioned the coach about his claim to pray for him (Thomas Hill). As this scene played out, I began to wonder to myself. Am I a Christian if I just tell people I would pray, and never do? I felt very convicted about this. I sometimes do that! I am sure there is one point or another in our lives whereby we promised to pray for someone and didn’t.

I began to ask myself some important questions! “Why do I sometimes do this?” “What does God think about this?” After a lot of thought, I realized that sometimes I say this because it is a nice thing to say. At times, it is to show others that I am a true and proper Christian. In all honesty, the reasons vary depending on the person that I am speaking to and the situation at hand. I definitely knew that God was not happy about this! I was convicted by the Holy Spirit to change my actions. I vowed to change this habit (with the help of the Holy Spirit). How? The Holy Spirit taught me to write down each person’s name in either my quiet time book or my Bible study book and spend at least a minute praying for the person. I made to promise to do so from now on!

I would like to encourage you to spend some time answering these questions. Then I would like you to think about your life as a Christian. What defines you as a Christian? What kind of Christian are you? Living a Christ-like life is not only about talking-the-talk. You must walk-the-talk too! So that many in the world would Christ at work in you. You are an example for many others. God bless you! Have a wonderful day and a wonderful weekend.

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