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Topic: 5 steps to command 2021- Part 2 (Reflect)

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! How are you doing? How has your day been so far? Excited and ready for the New Year? I am sure that you are! I am! I am excited to see what God has for me this coming year! What about you? Are there some things you are asking God to do for you this coming year? Are there some things you are claiming victory over (from the enemy) in this coming year? Well, then there is a lot to be expectant of! Remember, as we are expectant of God; He is also expectant of us! He wants us to live boldly in Christ, spreading the Gospel to all nations of the earth! Obeying Him, Listening to Him and Glorifying His name!

As stated in yesterday’s post, this week’s posts are dedicated to guiding you and I, to command our New Year! Yesterday, we looked at the first step- Review! We saw that it is important to take some time off to review the year. From month to month, we must recollect all the events, etc. that happen; then write it down! Today, we are moving to the second step- REFLECT!

Reflection is very important! Why? It helps us to assess and evaluate situations and/ or circumstances! With that, we can identify our strengths and weakness! Also, we can take note of the lessons learnt; as well as, to highlight the things we need to learn! Most importantly, reflection helps us to highlight and identify God’s Goodness and Mercies upon our lives! In today’s message, the Holy Spirit is guiding us on how to spend time reflecting on the just ended year, 2020.

First of all, you will need to clear your schedule/ itinerary for a few hours! Then settle down in a quiet, calm environment! Say a short prayer to begin your session. Your prayer should include (but is not restricted to):

1. Thanking God for life.

2. Thanking God for the year (His Abundant Grace and Mercies upon your life throughout the year).

3. Commit the session into God’s care.

4. Ask for the Holy Spirit’s guidance (and assistance)

5. Ask for an open mind and heart.

After your prayer, turn over to a fresh page in your notebook! Like yesterday, at the top right corner of the page, write out the date! Next, give the page a title- 2020 Reflections- at the middle of the line (on the page). After a few lines, divide the page into three! One column will be dedicated to the months of the year! The middle column will be dedicated to the reviews! And finally, the last column will be dedicated to your reflections.

Under the reflections column, you must;

1. Lessons learnt

2. Weaknesses

3. Strengths

4. Key Insights

5. Things to improve on

6. What you are thankful and grateful to God for

God bless you for reading till the end! Do share your experiences and lessons with us! You can also share your previous New Year practices with us! We would love to hear from you! God bless you!

Tip: -

Doing the reflect at once may seem like a huge task! You can simply begin with the most recent months, then the months with importance (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.)- as they are very easy to remember and do very detailed reflections!

Announcement: -

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Have a wonderful evening and let God inspire you!