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Pill of the Week

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! How are you doing? I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Yesterday was Valentine's day (or love's day), I hope you all had a wonderful day- not only receiving gifts but appreciating God for His love for us! Why? Well, God is our first love (for His children- that is), as we commerce love, it is important to show appreciation to God for His unconditional love! The love God showers upon us is unmatchable! No one loves like God does! I pray that you fill your heart is entirely occupied by God's love- it is the greatest love you can ever receive. [If you haven't focused or shown appreciation to God for His love, don't worry; its not too late. God is available to us all the time (24/7), just find the time to show your appreciation.

The Word of God- The Truth(s) and the Way

What does the Word of God mean to you? What does it signify? Personally, I believe that the Bible is the key to our communication with God! I believe that whatever anyone is going through; the Bible has all the answers! No matter the situation the person is facing; God way not only reveals the solution (a lot of the times); the Word also reveals the tactics/ strategies that we need! The Word holds the keys on our journey here on earth!

This week's pill shows us that the Word of God is Truth and it is also the way! A lot of Christians result to prayer and fasting almost all the time! Prayer and fasting is not wrong- don't get me wrong! It is very important! However, the Bible holds a lot of things that would help us through our situation (and beyond). We need to spend time (as Children of God to discover His Word).

You see, God's Word carries a lot of power! Power that contends and wins battles and breaks through barriers and wall. Why not be equipped with this Power? Why not spend time with the Word equipping you with the Truth? Why not have all you need so that the enemy can not trick you?

This week, the enemy wants to draw our attention back to the Word! A lot of us have neglected the Word; when the Word contains everything we need! The Word is Truth, the Word is prayer and the Word is worship/ praise/ song! Its time to get back to it! My dear brothers and sisters, its time! I pray that this pill speaks to you and prepares your heart, to have a deep experience with God's Word!

Without much ado, below is the pill prescribed by the Holy Spirit! I pray that throughout the week, it is a reminder to all of us of the importance of the Word (and potentially cause a change in us). God bless you all! Have a wonderful week!



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