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Pill of the Week

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! How are you doing? How has your day been? Happy New Week! By God's Grace, we are full of life! Yes! It is only by His Grace! This is fact! Where would we be; if not for God? We would be dead and full of sin without God! Each day, let us thank God for His Grace!

The Power of the Word of God- Relevant at every time/ season!

There are many of us, Christians, who do not spend time with God's Word! We think that the Word of God was written many years ago, thus there are no inferences of certain situations and/ or circumstances that occur presently! That may be true! However, the Word of God has a lot of power! Though it may have been written many years ago, the underlying circumstances are the same! No matter the season or time, circumstances are they same! the only difference, is what i call the "packaging!" Though history repeats itself severally, it comes in different forms and approaches (packaging). But the Word is appropriate to tackle whatever situation (no matter the time)!

With that being said, the pill prescribed by the Holy Spirit is ready!! In this week's pill, the Holy Spirit wants to let you know that the Word has the power to encourage and give you Hope! The Word of God has the power to direct and lead your path- only if you ready to allow the Word to fill you! The Word of God is very relevant and real- no matter the time! Give it a chance today! Open your heart and let the Word fill you and give you hope through your current situation!

Without much ado, I present to you... The Pill of the Week...

God bless you!
Have a blessed and wonderful week!


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