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Pill of the Week!!

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! How are you doing? I hope your week began on a great note!! It has been a while since we posted a blog post. We are back! We took a break to focus on some other projects; by God's Grace, we are back!

Can you believe that it is less than a month to our 3rd anniversary!! Yes!! Sammie's Daily Dose is turning 3! We have been sharing the Gospel with you, for the past three years! On the day of our anniversary, 3rd June 2021, our annual event, Time At His Feet, will be taking place. Have your registered for a spot? Please do so now; come and join Sammie (and other members of the SM fam), as we study the Word of God, worship and pray! Come and lets celebrate this milestone!! We hope to see you there! to register, please click button below!


This week, the Holy Spirit wants to assure us that God is on our side! In this journey, there are great times and horrible times; but all our experiences are necessary for our growth in God! We wouldn't be the strong men and women of Christ, if we do not go through some of these experiences.

The enemy we fight against, is very ruthless! We go through the difficult times to allow us to "build muscle" against the enemy. Also, to get strong in our faith and love for Christ! Going through the tough times is depressing, painful and lonely (most times). There are times we feel distant from God or we we question His presence in our lives!

Just like us- spending a majority of our time thinking about the people we love and care- God is telling us that we are always on His mind! He always wants to do the best thing for us! Just like us- showing emotions towards our loved ones- God also expresses His emotions. He does not like to see His children get hurt or sad! Oh no! That means that the enemy is winning! However, God makes us go through the mill because He knows that we need it! This is tough love!

For anyone going through a tough time- physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, know that God is with you! He is walking with you! All that is happening to you is to achieve a particular end! You may not see it not but God is reassuring us that all that we experience in our journey is ordained by Him- to give us a great future!

My dear brother and sister in Christ, be encouraged! Do not look at the outside! God has a great plan for you! Everyone's path is different! The God you and I serve is a faithful God! He rewards! He sees! He hears! Do not worry- cast your burdens unto Him for He cares! It is well!!

Without further ado, we deliver the prescribed medicine (by the Holy Spirit) to you! We hope that it heals and soothes are your aches and bruises! And most importantly, helps to boost your faith in Christ.

God bless you! Have a wonderful week and let God inspire you!

If you have any question, comment, suggestion, etc., please feel free to contact us! We are happy and willing to support you in the best way we can; with the help of the Holy Spirit! Shalom!!

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