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Pill of the Week


Good evening ladies and gentlemen! How are you doing? I hope that you have started your week on a very positive note! God has given you life! Others did not live to see this day! He has been faithful! No matter your current circumstance, give God all the Glory, Honor and Adoration! If not for him, You wouldnt be where you are now! Your situation and/ or condition would have been far worse!

As we begin the second week of the year, we are going back to our series: Esther's Glory! Like we always do, the first post for the week is dedicated to the Pill of the Week! The Pill of the week is a verse with a powerful message from God to equip and strengthen us for the week! Just as medicine, the Word of God heals our infirmities and strengthens us; giving us hope!

This week, The Holy Spirit wants to let us know that as we claim our breakthroughs for the year, God has equipped us to stand out and do the extraordinary! Why? Well, we are favored! As we continue to walk diligently in Christ, He showers His favor and Grace upon us! The enemy gets afraid to come close to us! He lifts us up and honors us more than we can imagine!

Look at Mordecai, do you think he knew where God was about to take him? No! Through the tough times, He decided to diligently follow God and stick to Him! God helped Him through His battles (his dire moments) and He (God) favored him (Mordecai)! My dear brother or sister in Christ, it doesnt matter what you may be going through at the moment! As you continue to choose God, He will choose you too! Once God chooses you and favors you, He will take you to higher heights (higher than you can imagine). As He favors you, you would stand out amongst all your peers, etc. and you will begin to do many exploits (greater than before). Even the enemy would bow at your feet!

With that, the pill prescribed by the Holy Spirit is ready! Find the pill below:

God richly bless you for reading! I pray that you are inspired and encouraged by this! I pray that you have a wonderful week! God bless!

Have a wonderful evening and let God inspire you!

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