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Time At His Feet

A Sammie's Ministries Events Sub-Ministry

About Us

Time At His Feet events are created, organised and managed by Sammie's Ministries; inviting individuals all around the world to study God's Word, Worship Him and spend time in Prayer.


These event provides the platform for people to enjoy quality time in God's Presence; at His Feet and with one another in fellowship.


How lovely is your tabernacle, O Lord of hosts! 

My soul longs, yes, even faints

For the courts of the Lord;

My heart and my flesh cry out for the living God.

Our Tagline

Psalm 84 : 1-2

Church Cross

Our Events

Inspired, Created, Organised and Managed by Sammie's Ministries, with inspiration from the Holy Spirit.

Time At His Feet

Our flagship event, also titled, "Time At His Feet," is a yearly event from Sammie's Ministries, with direction from God. Each year, this event follows a theme revealed by the Holy Spirit. The sole aim of this event is to foster an atmosphere and environment for Christians to come together; to spend quality time at the feet of God- while having fun in fellowship.

Lead Workshop 

The Lead Workshop is inspired by Isaiah 30:21 & Proverbs 16:3. 

As Children of God, it is important that we command our year with Christ as our leader. This yearly event has been organised to provide the necessary tools to command your year mentally, physically, spiritually and financially.

Movie Night & Discussions

This event brings Children of God together to have fun while keeping Christ as the focus. We gather to watch a movie and have an awesome, Spirit-filled discussion right after the viewing!

Time At His Feet 2.0- Bible Study

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