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"Writers of the Gospel"- Piece 1- I HAVE SEEN GOD AT WORK

Hello everyone! hope you had a wonderful day today! God bless you all for continuing to read Sammie's Daily Dose each day. Thank you for opening your hearts to God and allowing Him to inform and transform you. Once again I say God richly bless you. 

Today, we are embarking on a journey called the "Writers of the Gospel" Series. This Series is a week long series; after which The Genesis Story would continue.

The aim of this series is to promote the works of other up- and- coming Christian writers and messengers. I hope you enjoy the series and will be blessed by it.

Today's piece is by a young lady who has felt God in her life greatly. Her name is Akua Korama and she titles this poem, "I have seen God at work." Enjoy. God bless.

- Sammie

I have seen God at work I have seen God at work before I have seen Him in the rising and the setting of the sun I have seen Him in the appearance of the moon, whether crescent or full Waves hit against the sea rock so violently Within the mighty forceful waves, His power is manifested! As the sea calms, all my fears are wiped away! You are the Creator that spoke creation into being. The animals, even the smallest birds are well cared for That’s how much of a Father you are! I have seen God at work, where there was no hope and darkness seemed to have prevailed! He rises suddenly, setting everything straight. My eyes seem to only see the chaos around me….IT’S ALL OUT OF CONTROL! But He whispers “Everything is falling into place” He takes everything into detail His seamless precision leaves me in awe He works through my imperfections Empowers me through His never changing words! My heart is just full! You see I lost hope several times I bent my head down in shame Tears were an ever present blanket on my cheeks But still He never gave up on me He thought I was worth saving…that’s the mark of a loving Father! I saw Him at work in me and I still do No matter how many times I faulted, He was there to carry me. He loved me harder than before, wrapped me in His arms and never left me go Whispering in my ears: “Even though you were rejected, surely you will come the cornerstone” So if you examine yourself and you cannot find Him at work in you…. Take a deep breath…HOLD IT AND EXHALE! YOU ARE ALIVE! That is the difference between you and the lifeless body in the mortuary! Make every moment count! A new day brings new opportunities, go out there and make a difference! I see God at work. He’s working in you! You are the message that the world needs hear! To hear of His goodness, to know that God is good and His mercies endures forever! You passed the test so you can testified that He indeed God lives amongst us! His power and glory is evident around us no matter how bleak things may be! I have seen God at work You have seen God at work….And He is still working…He is just getting warmed up! So let’s go out there and announce it to the world! --Akua Korama Throne Room Perspective

If you have any message for any of the writers/ messengers, kindly send me a message alongside your email address. I will forward it to the respective writers and they will communicate with you directly.

We give God all the Glory and Honour for the different ways and means that the Gospel is being expressed. This means the Gospel can be shared to any one and everyone. What is preventing you from doing so?

- Have a wonderful evening and let God inspire you!

Sammie's Daily Dose.

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