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Pill of the week!

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to another week! By God’s Grace, we are here! God has blessed us with life! He has protected and provided for us! What can we do but say thank you for His continuous Grace and Mercies! Especially during this terrible time of COVID 19 and now SARS-Cov-2, evil is slowly penetrating through! However, God has covered us and sheltered us! No matter what position or condition you are currently, you have life! Others died or are in worse conditions! The God we serve is great and He is faithful!

Victory is here!

We live in a world of seasons and times! There are seasons for sowing and seasons for reaping! There are bad times and good times! Now, with the help of the Holy Spirit, we are declaring our good times! The days of battle is over! The days of breakthrough; the days of victory is here!

As children of God! We have to claim our victory! Despite all you might be going through now or what you may have gone through in the past year, it is time to enjoy living in victory! This year, all of God’s children; all individuals who have been diligently waiting at God’s feet; this is your year of victory! No matter what may be going on in your environment, this is your year for great things! It going to be a new beginning in your level of spirituality! A new beginning in all things you do with your hands! A new beginning with all the things you do with the mind! No one and nothing can interfere with this- only yourself! You have to claim this promise!

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, the medicine the Holy Spirit prescribed for us is in! I pray that this pill soothes and encourages you throughout the week! God bless you!

From this week, walk with confidence showing that you are in your year of victory! Like the popular saying goes, “walk the walk and talk the talk!” You are in your year of victory- in Christ Jesus! Also, as you enjoy the fruits of your victory, never forget God! He is the reason you can celebrate and jubilate! Do not make the mistake of thinking that the blessings you will be buying, are from your might! Stay humble always and keep focusing on Christ!

God richly bless you and have a wonderful week!

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