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The Ruth Series: Episode 14- We Are The Harvests of God!

Today's message is one God is using to reveal Himself to us! Amen. Shalom!

Bible Reading: Ruth 3

Memory verse: Ruth 3:7b

He went over to lie down at the far end of the grain pile.

Good afternoon everyone! I am here again with today’s dose of Biblical medicine. I hope you had an awesome night. I hope your day is going great so far. This is the 14thepisode of the Ruth Series. Today is the last day that we would be focusing on Ruth chapter 3. Thank you Lord for the journey so far!

Today’s message is quite different from others. From the beginning of this Series, we have been focusing on the characters. Today, we would be focusing on something else. The harvest of barley. If you have been paying close attention, throughout the whole book of Ruth, “harvest” has been mentioned. In Ruth chapter 1 we see that Ruth and Naomi returned to Jerusalem just when the harvest had begun. In Ruth chapter 2, we saw Ruth working on the fields gathering some of the leftover harvest. In chapter 3, we see Boaz threshing the harvest. Hallelujah! Harvest is important.

Today as I was reading over Ruth chapter 3, I must say I was expecting God to speak to me on character. When I read and didn’t get anything. I was sad and disappointed. I was about to say that there would be no post today. But then I decided to go over the chapter again. Then God told me to pay particular attention to the word “harvest”. I was feeling guilty. At times, as Christians, we sometimes put our feelings or judgements before Gods Word. At times, we put our reasoning before God and that should not be so.

Moving on to the message God wants me to share. He told me to let you know that we are like his harvest. When we plant something, we constantly water it, cut off all weeds and spray it against pests. That is what God does to His children. He protects us, nurtures us and gives us all we need to know. When He feels we are ready, then He brings us into the world to go around to nations in His Name. Hallelujah! Today’s message is for that person out there who is wondering what path to take or what move to make next. God is telling you that you are His Harvest. He is about to send you out to do His work. He has instilled everything you need to be able to do the task He has asked you to do. My dear brother or sister in Christ, God is about to use you in miraculous ways. Amen.

Is God not awesome? Yes, indeed, He is. Another thing I want to talk about is God’s protection. In Ruth chapter 3, we see that Boaz slept on the threshing floor. I found out that in the past, the owner and workers of field sleep on the threshing floor to protect the harvest from thieves. God told me to tell you that now that your fruit is ripe, the devil’s eyes are glued on you. The devil is trying to harm you and prevent you from doing what God has destined you to do. But just like Boaz slept on the threshing floor, God said I should tell you that He is protecting you. No harm shall come close to you in Jesus Name. You are safe in Him. You are hidden in the blood. Hallelujah. Do not worry because God’s got you.

Prayer points:

Just begin to speak in tongues. Thank God for this message. That God that He has prepared you. Accept whatever challenge God has given you. Embrace it. Continue to praise Him and lift Him up. Let the Lord lead you in the direction to pray Amen.

Today’s Prayer: Dear Lord,

Thank you for taking me through the night and giving me life this morning. I want to say thank you Lord, for revealing this message to you. I commit my day into your care Oh Lord. Help me to be a blessing to everyone I encounter today. Use me Oh God. Thank you for sending your son to die for my sins. I lift your name high up Oh God, for you are Great and your love endures forever.


We are God’s harvest. He has carefully taken care of us and nurtured us so that we may be able to perform His tasks effectively. Is He not a mighty and wonderful father? Have you ever had a father like God?

  • Have a wonderful day and May God inspire you!

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Always remember to show love to everyone, as this is one of the most important commandments God left for us – “Love your neighbor as yourself.” In every situation, before you take a decision, remember WWJD (What Would Jesus Do). Shalom.

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