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Isaiah's Truths: Lesson 14- Sacrifices and Expectations!

Bible Reading: Isaiah 5

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! I hope you had a wonderful day! God is indeed working on our behalf! The trials and tribulations show that God is about to do something marvellous in our lives.

This evening, there’s another awesome post in the “Isaiah’s Truths” post. This book of the prophet- Isaiah- holds a lot of gems for the 21st Century Christian! I pray that we (myself included) would learn important, life-changing facts/ information from this powerful book! Are you ready to get back on this journey? Are ready for all the gems/ lessons the Holy Spirit has for us from this book of the Bible?

Well, let us get into it…

The cycle of seed time and harvest time is very important! Hard work is very important! That is the only sure way one gets true, fulfilled results. How do we expect to get the results without paying the price for it? Nowadays, everyone is searching for quick results with little or no effort/ hard work. Well, I am sorry to let you know that it is not possible.

Even the enemy knows this life principle. All those who are engaged in all the negative vices; put in the work. A thief needs to come up with a plan (and other contingency plans) to ensure that s/he can do what they want to. It takes weeks and even months of preparation to get the job done. It is quite surprising to find Christians who want to live luxe lives – especially when they have not earned it.

Look here, those who inherit lots of money must work hard to keep it intact or grow it. Have you not heard of many stories/ cases of individuals and/ or families that spend all their inheritance(s)? They just spend, spend, and spend some more. In life, there is an almost natural system of work and reward. This is because that is what God has established- God lives/ works by this principle. Let’s use Isaiah 5:2 to show this.

From Lesson 13, we established that we are like a vineyard (Isaiah 5:1). We also learnt that we are full of promise and potential and God nurtured us. From today’s verse, we see that God took His time to groom and work on us. He put in the work with expectation that we would bare great fruit. That’s the thing about hard work; the amount of work one puts into achieving something determines the outcome we would like to achieve.

The first part of this verse talks about the work God did to ensure that our paths are not destroyed. God gave His Son to die on the cross for you and I so that we may have the opportunity/ space to grow without the blockages of our past and sin. Just like part b says, “And planted it with the choicest vine…” it shows that once Christ died to save us; we became a part of God’s family (the choicest vine). We were made new and pure. We were a part of the most privileged family in the entire universe. Yes! That was thanks to God’s sacrifice (and work).

The verse goes out to say that a tower was built in the vineyard. This tower represents protection and guidance. A tower was usually built so that people could watch over the farmland. From the top of the tower, not only can one see the vast land, but one can see can see miles away. That would help them to see any trouble coming. But also, to detect the part of the land that might need extra attention. You see, God protects and guides us! He is with us through all the seasons- good or bad. In addition to that, He helps and supports us at our time of need- with the help of the Holy Spirit.

The verse goes on to say that there was a winepress built in the vineyard. This shows that the right equipment was provided to ensure that good wine would be produced. God has equipped us with all that is necessary to go forth and be Christ representers in all the earth. With that, God expects that we would make the decision to become Followers of Christ; to become His children. However, that is not always true because it is by choice. Life’s journey is about choosing God each day at every second and every minute. Some do well to do so but others falter as well [ this is shown in the last two parts of the verse.]

Today we have learnt some important things, with the help of the Holy Spirit.

1. God has made a lot of sacrifices for us! He worked hard and sowed in us.

2. God protects, guides, and supports us all the time, in the good times and the bad times.

3. God equips us to be fruitful in all the earth.

4. God expects us to live fulfilled, Christ-like lives, but the decision is ours to make.

Today, with Christ as the example, take some time to think about your life’s choices and your way of life! With the help of the Holy Spirit, we would all take the right steps in our lives. Hallelujah!

Have a wonderful day and let God inspire you!

If this is your first-time hearing about Christ, or you have made the decision to make Him the center of your life, kindly say this prayer with all sincerity and truth.

Dear Lord,

I come to you today as a sinner. I admit that I am a sinner. I believe that Jesus is your Son and He came on to this earth to die for my sins. Dear Lord, let your Son come and fill me. Lord, I ask that He cleanses me off my sins. I am ready to stand for you and profess your Name. Thank you, Lord. Amen.

If you repeated this prayer with all the sincerity of your heart, congratulations!! You are now a part of God’s family. You get to enjoy the freedom, salvation, and eternal life! Welcome to the greatest family ever. Heaven is jubilating on your arrival. Your fellow brothers and sisters are also excited to have you on board.

Being a child of God is a wonderful thing. The road might not always be easy, but God is with you each and every step of the way. Guiding you, helping you and encouraging up. You will never regret this decision; I can assure you of that. Two things I would recommend for you to do are;

1. Get yourself a Bible (in a version you understand) and meditate on it day and night. In Joshua 1:8, we are told that when you meditate on the Word day and night, you will be prosperous and successful.

2. Find a Bible- believing church to attend and fellowship with other Christians. This would help you grow spiritually.

I am excited that you made this decision. Welcome! If you would like some help or more understanding into anything, you can leave a message (adding your email address) and I would be willing and happy to help you out!