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Pill of the Week- What is REST?

Hello everyone! Good evening! I hope your week started off on a great note! The month of July is slowly (but surely) coming to an end. We have officially crossed mid- July. Truly, it is by Gods Grace!

Today, the Holy Spirit is teaching us about REST. Yes! Before we begin, let us take a few minutes to think about the topic of the day! What does rest mean to you? Do you believe that you enjoy good/ great rest? Hmm… let’s take a look at what society tells us about rest and what the Bible teaches! Are you ready?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the word “rest,” means to cease work or movement in order to relax, sleep or recover strength. Essentially, what we all know as rest is sleeping or lying in bed/ sofa with our eyes shut, trying our very best not to think about our problems/ issues.

The real question here is, “do we truly find rest in this way?” Well, let’s take a look at what the Bible tells us about rest. Our Bible verse for the week reads:

The rest assured in Christ begins in the spiritual and transcends into the physical! The rest described in the verses above talks about peace in all three states of a person- mind, soul and body.

Have you ever gone through a situation/problem that causes you to worry a lot? You are unable to sleep well, eat well or focus on other areas of your life? How would we experience rest (as defined by the Oxford dictionary) if we are going through this ordeal? But finding rest in Christ, allows you to enjoy true rest! Rest in Christ allows you to find joy in everything despite your current situation!

The question is, “what kind of rest do you want to enjoy?” An “expensive” physical rest or “free” spiritual and physical rest! Ultimately, the decision is ours to make! God is ready (with open arms) to embrace you and support you through all of life’s ups and downs! Are you ready to enjoy this warm embrace? Think about it!

Have a wonderful evening and let God inspire you!!



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