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Isaiah’s Truths: Lesson 21: Check yourself!

Date: 22nd February 2023

Topic: Isaiah’s Truths: Lesson 21: Check yourself!

Bible Reading: Isaiah 5 (ESV)

Memory verse: Isaiah 5: 20

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!

Hello! Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! We, at Sammie’s Ministries, hope your week has been pleasant thus far! We have approximately a week more to the start of a new month- March! Are you excited for the new month? What are some of the things you are expecting God to take charge, in March? Let us be intentional about the way we live our lives! Start thinking about these questions as we enter a new month!

Today, we continue our Isaiah’s Truth’s series. In this post, the Holy Spirit is asking us to check ourselves! Yes! It is very important that as Christians we must be very intentional about the way we live our lives- our actions and words hold a lot of weight physically and most importantly, spiritually! Each morning, we must ask God for Grace and Mercy to be intentional, pursuing a Christlike lifestyle! Well, are you ready to allow the Holy Spirit to convict and change our hearts? Well, let us get right into the message!

When you take some time to think about all that is going on around the world, it can be said that we are living very crazy times- the craziest, in fact. There’s a lot going on all around us! Right from rapid (and frankly), scary technological advancements to wars and natural disasters. Let’s not touch on the global economy, greed, wickedness and selfishness. Wow! This world is riddled with all sorts of things! The enemy is using all these, as avenues, tools and devices to frustrate the children of God!

What makes this situation very dangerous is disguise. There are a lot of things happening that are disguises. In 2 Corinthians 11:14, the Bible says, “And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.” Yes! This verse is very evident today! The world has adopted so many things that have become the standard. These worldly standards are slowly trying to corrupt the minds of the children of God.

There are so many things- music, food, clothing, platforms, etc.- that present themselves as content and/or material(s) for Christians. They are making ways across the world. On the surface, they appear to be Christian. We often hear, “Oh that’s a Christian brand!” or “This song is by this/ that Christian artiste.” Many people of God are being deceived into so many things because of this! That is why as Children of God we must be very intentional. Every step we make must be ordered by God. We must constantly be under His influence, pursuing a Christ-like life.

Our memory verse for today, Isaiah 5:20, condemns all who do this! Yes! You might say, “What we are talking about is completely different!” Well, it is not. Why? If you live an oblivious life, you will be calling “…good evil and evil good.” You would be judging yourself based on the world’s standards, which are mostly based on all the wrong things! When we have a shift of priorities, guess what happens? Well, we begin to live a life of darkness because there is a gap between us and God. Though we might think that we are living a life, full of light; we are doing the opposite (“… who put darkness for light and light for darkness…”) This does not just end here! There is a ripple effect! As you live a life based on evil standards, and you’re living in darkness, our self/ human nature arises! Then that wickedness and selfishness overrides everything! We start to pursue things that we now think is right! All the negative and bad things become good in our sight. We chase for the wrong things with everything we have got (“… who put sweet for bitter and bitter for sweet.”)

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, this message is not to scare you! This message is to encourage you and let you know that you must be careful and attentive. Most importantly, it is to let you know that the Holy Spirit is ready and available to help you! All you must do is call out to Him for help and direction! It is well! The battle has been won already! We must get to a point whereby we have no insecurities about our identity as children of God. It is well child of God!

Thank you, God, for victory!

Have a wonderful day and let God inspire you!

If this is your first-time hearing about Christ, or you have made the decision to make Him the center of your life, kindly say this prayer with all sincerity and truth.

Dear Lord,

I come to you today as a sinner. I admit that I am a sinner. I believe that Jesus is your Son, and He came on to this earth to die for my sins. Dear Lord, let your Son come and fill me. Lord, I ask that He cleanses me off my sins. I am ready to stand for you and profess your Name. Thank you, Lord. Amen.

If you repeated this prayer with all the sincerity of your heart, congratulations!! You are now a part of God’s family. You get to enjoy the freedom, salvation, and eternal life! Welcome to the greatest family ever. Heaven is jubilating on your arrival. Your fellow brothers and sisters are also excited to have you on board.

Being a child of God is a wonderful thing. The road might not always be easy, but God is with you each step of the way. Guiding you, helping you and encouraging up. You will never regret this decision; I can assure you of that. Two things I would recommend for you to do are,

1. Get yourself a Bible (in a version you understand) and meditate on it day and night. In Joshua 1:8, we are told that when you meditate on the Word, day and night, you will be prosperous and successful.

2. Find a Bible- believing church to attend and fellowship with other Christians. This would help you grow spiritually.

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