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The Weekend Special: Part 2- The Significance of the Word.

Hello everyone! The weekend is here and I am sure you are all excited! Let’s thank God for life and Grace more abundantly. Yesterday’s episode was the last of the Ruth Series. I am hoping that you were blessed by the message. Please give me feedback on how the Ruth Series impacted you, your friends and/ or your family.

Today, I will be doing the second part of the message God told me to share with you. It is about the Significance of the Word. The Word of the Lord, the Bible, contains all the ingredients that you need for life. Every single problem we face in this world, there is a solution in the Bible. Whether it be anxiety, depression, or any other emotional or physical problem, the Bible tells us how to go about it.

The Bible also gives us secrets into wealth, success and prosperity. The Bible also gives us new innovations yet to come. All this and more can be found in the Bible. Most importantly, the Bible has God’s words for us. The Bible contains all the things we need to know about our relationship with God and our battles with the enemy. The keys have been given to you free of charge. The only thing you need to do is read it and meditate on it. Surprisingly, many Christians don’t.

Can you imagine that Christians would go through the stress of paying large sums of money to get people to pray for them? The solution is in the Bible, they just have to pick it up and read it. There are so many Christians who do not own a Bible. Can you imagine? Yup they don’t. How would they receive the nutrients that they need to grow?

Some people say that they don’t own physical Bibles, but have the Bible App. Don’t get me wrong! I love technology. I use technology to spread God’s Word. I am pleading with you the Bible App should not be the only Bible you own. It should be like your second Bible. You are to use the Bible App as an extra; to allow you to read the Bible on the go. I am saying this because using the App can easily get you distracted. From time to time when that WhatsApp notification or Instagram notification pops up, you are tempted to opened it up. When you do, it is often very difficult to go back and read the Bible. I want to encourage you, my dear brother or sister in Christ to get yourself a physical Bible. Please get a version that you can understand and appreciate. A lot of the times I see Christians hold Bibles in versions they do not understand, which discourages them even more.

There are so many Christians who do not read the Bible. It is very worrying, the number that don’t. So I ask, how are you prepared when the devil comes knocking at your door? You need the Bible verses as a sword to fight the enemy. Do not underestimate the enemy. Remember, he was once an angel; he knows scripture. But he always twists it so that he has the upper hand. As Christians, we must read and know the Word, so that we may would not fall for the enemy’s tricks. Today, this message is going out to my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. I urge you to pick up your Bibles and read them. It is very important. Once again, I will say that it is a decision you have to make. I am not here to force you but to encourage you to make the bold decision.

God loves you and I. He does not like seeing his children suffer because of the decisions they are making. So He has sent me to encourage each and every single of you reading this message today. You do not have to start with huge steps. You can start by reading a verse before you leave home for work or school and before you sleep at night. With time, by the Grace of God, it will move from one verse to ten, then to chapters, then to books. Hallelujah!

If you have made the decision to start focusing on God’s Word a bit more; thank you. You have a made a bold step. You shall not regret it. Now repeat this short prayer with all your heart:

Dear Lord,

I am sorry for departing from your Word. Today, I am making the decision to follow you with my whole heart. Lord help me to pick my Bible up each day to read it. Lord, give me the strength to read my Bible every day. Please fill the void I feel from thinking that I would be left out from the enjoyment of this world. Thank you Lord, for answered prayer.


if you repeated this prayer, congratulations! God is happy to see some of His children obeying Him. May God richly bless you. Just know, you are not in this alone. I am also undertaking a journey to read my Bible more. You can join me, so we grow in Christ together. If you are interested, just leave a message or dm me on Sammie’s Daily Dose’s Instagram page (@sammiesddose). Let’s discover more awesome things about Christ together.

  • Have a wonderful day and let God inspire you.

Enjoy your weekend everyone! Spend time with family and friends. Don’t forget to spend time with God as well. God bless. We are starting a new series on Monday. I am very excited. Can you guess what book we are looking at next?

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