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The Weekend Special- CHRISTIANS ARISE!!!

Hello everyone! The weekend is finally here. A lot of you are happy that you do not have to go to work or school. You are glad that you have two days to relax. How was the week for you? Were there any achievements made this week? Any goals reached? Did you live for God this week? I am sure that for the first two answers a lot of people would have said yes. Many people would have reached the personal goals they set for themselves but they wouldn’t have lived their lives life for God. For example, nowadays, there is this craze about calculating your steps and looking at the amount of calories that you take in. Almost everyone I know, either has an app on their phones or have a smart watch that performs this function. People set daily targets of the number of steps they want to have covered; they make sure they achieve this. People put all their energies into it forgetting about all other things. I know people who are fixated on their walks and their steps, that they forget to pray or read their Bible. The time they used to spend with God, is now used walking and achieving step goals. Do not get me wrong. These technological advancements are great. It is a wonderful idea to be able to track your health and to take charge of your health. I also own one of these fitness smart watches (though mine I acquired because of its stylish colour to compliment my outfits). I am happy when I have been able to reach some sort of target. All I am saying is that do not be fixated solely on that. It is fixating on physical appearance. Fix your eyes and God and be available for Him to use you. There are so many Christians who are fixated on the things of the world, that when God starts speaking to God, they are not available and willing to serve Him wholeheartedly. Each day, God visits one of you. Do you even hear Him calling? Do you hear Him speaking to you? It is very sad but the truth. As Christians, we must be ready and willing to serve God. The true question we must ask ourselves is “Am I willing?” When you are very honest with yourself, you would realise that we are actually not willing. We are not willing to come out of our comfort zones to God’s work. We are not willing to leave the comfortable job to do God’s work. We are not comfortable to go the extra mile to do God’s work. But yet, every time we go around parading and saying that we are Christians. We are not willing to sacrifice and be used by the God we (claim) to serve. This is sad. It is very very sad. Christians arise! Arise! God’s army, Arise!! The enemy is not to be underestimated. Arise!! God is angry and disappointed in us. Arise! Stop chasing vanity and Arise! We are in the last days, God’s Army Arise! What is going on? God is sad to see His children not ready and available for Him. I am asking, “What makes you a Christian?” just because you say that you are a Christian does not make you one. God’s Army Arise. Oh Lord, forgive us. Christians Arise. Christians Arise! CHRISTIANS ARISE!! GOD’S ARMY ARISE!! The battle is not an easy one, we must arise and stand for God. OH CHRISTIANS ARISE! ARISE!! ARISE!!!! So- called Christians, you do not even read the Bible. What are you going to use to fight against the enemy? You don’t pray. How are you going to grow spiritually? You only go to church on Sundays, filling the buildings up but not fellowshipping. You go to church on Sundays, sing your hearts out and return to your old ways during the week. CHRISTIANS ARISE! CHRISTIANS GHANGE YOUR WAYS!! The enemy has become smarter. CHRISTIANS ARISE!! The youth go to church as a ritual. Every Sunday since they were little their parents forced them to go church; so they go. They do not even have Christ in their hearts. YOUTH ARISE, IN JESUS NAME! The Lord has called upon the youth to rise up and fight in His army. But where are the youth. YOUTH ARISE!! CHRISTIANS ARISE!! Let us be serious with our Faith. There is no grey in this walk with Christ. You are either black or white, no in-between. So make the decision to arise early, so that God will you. In return, He will bless you and your generations to come. Make that sacrifice, ARISE CHRISTIANS ARISE!! As you read this, May the Holy Spirit fill your heart. May the Holy Spirit convict you and lead you to make that change for God. If you can speak in tongues, begin to pray; lifting Christians into God’s hands. Pray that we would arise. Pray that we would make the necessary sacrifices for God. Just pray in tongues. If you do not know how to pray in tongues, pray the same pray in your language. Continue to pray with meaning and with your heart. God is causing a change. Something is happening in the Spiritual realms in Jesus Name. Just continue to pray. Thank you Lord, that these prayers have caused an awaken in the lives of many in the spiritual realms. Thank you Lord. We give you all the glory, honour and adoration oh God. Amen. - Have a wonderful day and let God inspire you. As the week goes on, continue to pray that Christians may arise. Pray that you may arise for God. Your prayers are going a long way to help in this battle against the enemy and the Lord would bless you in multiple folds. Amen. 

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