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The Weekend Special: The Importance of Fellowship!

Hello everyone! Good evening! Hope you all had a wonderful day today? I had an okay day staying at home and watching YouTube videos. How did you spend the day? Today, I come once again to give you all the weekend special. I promise to try my best to keep today’s message short because yesterday’s message was quite long. Yesterday’s issue was a double message. I hope you were blessed by it.

Today, we would be looking at the importance of fellowship. In almost all of my posts, after the prayer to bring people to Christ, I encourage them to find a Bible- believing church to fellowship at. As a Christian, fellowship is one of the important things we need to grow spiritually. This is so because when you fellowship, you will be able guided in your walk with Christ. You would have people around you to encourage you when times are difficult or even pray with you. You would find that when you fellowship, you would find people who are more mature in the Faith; to keep you in check.

Not only would you be in check, you would be able to keep others in check. You will be able to bless and inspire others too. Fellowshipping with others, at times, gives us our breakthrough (when done in smaller groups like Bible study groups or area fellowships). Why do I say that, you may ask? I say this because at times when you are going through something you need someone to just hold your hand and give you the attention you need. At times, this is not given in churches because they are very large. Small groups ensure that each member is doing well. At times, at church, people are shy to express their problems because everyone around them seems to be alright. At times, you just want to identify with someone.

Today I am fulfilling my promise of giving a very short message. Today’s message is just a reminder of why we must fellowship with other Christians; not only in church but in small groups as well.

I want to point out that we must not go to church on Sunday just because it is a routine we have been following since childhood. Go to church on Sunday because you want to go. If you go to church because your parents force you to, then please don’t go. Why do I say this? I say this because if you go you are not taking in whatever is taught. When the sermon is ongoing, you are busily on your phone texting or browsing the internet. Instead, spend some time knowing God. Make the decision to follow God whole heartedly then ask God to help you with fellowship.

Fellowship can also become a problem to people who think they are very mature in their walk with Christ. There are some people who believe that once they reach a certain level of intimacy with God; fellowship is for the up-and-coming Christians. This is not the case, regardless of your level of intimacy with God; I would encourage you to continue going to church. There is someone in the church who needs your help or your encouragement to go through the problem s/he is facing. You might never know, there’s also something that you might learn from a new believer. You can even be put on check about certain things you do. In all honesty, not fellowshipping with others is like being proud. God wants us and expects us to fellowship with others. Who are you to do otherwise? Are you better than God?

This message might seem harsh to some of you. But it is the truth. I encourage you to sit down and find the reason why you gave your life to Christ. Then begin to grow in Him by reading your Bible and praying. Slowly, God will reveal to you the significance of fellowship. Then He will lead you to a place to go.

  • Have a wonderful evening and let God inspire you.


I would also like you to develop the habit of listening to podcasts and watching sermons on YouTube. No one can ever get enough of the Word. Every time you read the Word, the Holly Spirit teaches you something new and different from the previous. I have been doing this for hours over the past few days and it has been a blessing. I would encourage each and every one of you to develop that habit.

For the past few days, I have been listening to Pastor Michael Todd, lead pastor of Transformation Church, and it has been a blessing. If you do listen to podcoast and watch videos, share with me some of the people you watch or listen to.

Remember what you hear and what you watch directly feed the soul and the mind. Guard what you hear and what you see. God bless. Shalom.

Please remeber to add your email address when sending any messages, so that it would be easier for me to respond to them. Have a great day tomorrow at church fellowshipping with others.

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