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"Writers of the Gospel" Series: Piece 3- Abram's Assumptions.

Hello everyone! Good evening! I hope you had an awesome day today. One thing ihave learnt throughout yjese past few days is the true meaning to thanksgiving. You must give thanks in good times and bad times. All the time. It is difficult to achieve this, but each day, the Lord is strengthening me. 

Today's message is Piece three of the on-going one-week series dubbed "Writers of the Gospel." How have you liked the previous two messages in this series. I hope you liked it as much as I did. Let's read this new piece titled Adam's Assumptions; written by Qwamenah. Remember to send a message with any feedback to the writers. Enjoy.

ABRAM'S ASSUMPTION It was midnight. A few metres, maybe 50, maybe 100, but a couple of metres away from Egypt, After what had been a long and obviously tiring trip, Within the confines of the set up camp for the night, Abram tossed and turned within the space he had made for his bed, Even though he needed to rest, with the journey to Egypt bound to be over by the next day, sleep was impossible with the frenzied activity in his head. Thoughts scattered like torn pieces of paper all over the floor of his cranium, His brain’s chambers were Argentine rooms – very messy (Messi), Confusion in militant mode in his mind, I won’t be surprised if his head was aching, Considering how the state of affairs in the cerebellum was out of order, something like pressing the button that shuffles playlists, Scenarios playing, repetitive playback in his mind’s eye, re-living each horror scene over and over, Leaving him bound by fear, tied up by anxiety concerned whether what rested in the palms of the future would actually favour him. You see, He was leaving the land God had promised him because food supply was in serious decline, Packed up all his belongings, left with his entourage, and of course, with Sarai, his one and only sunshine, But that evening, it hit him: with such a beautiful wife, what if this sojourn was more or less equivalent to stepping on a landmine, What if the Pharoah took her for himself and saw to it that he would never see the sun shine again? That was the reason for all the mental and psychological razzmatazz, But a minute or two later, a light bulb switched on, he suddenly had a master plan. He tapped his sleeping wife. Drowsily, she stirred, looked him in the eye. ‘What is it, my lord?’ she gently asked. He said, ‘Sarai, I want you to know that you mean the world to me, you’re worth so much more than giant flocks and herds and lands of numerous acres, And that’s why I need to ask you to do me this favour, Please, when we arrive in Egypt, don’t let it be known that I am your babe but, Let them know I’m your brother. Lest in seeing the beautiful rose that you are, they treat me like weeds and cut me off the face of the earth.’ She wasn’t too enthused, but she was in no way willing to play lax and watch her husband lose, so she agreed. Morning came, they set off, arrived in Egypt just as the sun reduced the intensity of its rays, and found themselves a place where they could stay, and Abram didn’t have to wait for too long till his bride’s beauty befuddled the boys on the block. Princes of the palace constantly being around her, lured in by her pollen beauty, I guess it's safe to say they were bees around her, Eventually, the Pharaoh heard the buzz about this queen, saw her, liked her, took her in as his own, Turning property to precipitation as he showered her 'brother' with gifts, The patriarch's plan working out just as he had wanted, as he stayed off blacklists, But as the days passed by, even with the bountiful gifts from the Egyptian monarch he had received, It was quite obvious, without his better half, he was not happy, even if he put Pharrell on repeat. Nights became sleepless, the moon-lit sky a constant witness as he and his fears engaged in the struggle his God and his grandson would soon flesh out, Till one morning, a servant of the king bid him come to the royal residence. He was needed. Urgently. He arrived at the palace, and came before the Pharaoh, who stared down on him from his throne and said, 'Abram, dear Abram, do you have any idea how much trouble you've caused me and my kingdom? Because of you, your God has struck us hard, iron fist crashing down on frail flesh, Plagues raging through this place like wildfires with no chance of taming, We groan under the intensity of the Creator's heated and fiery glare, And honestly, it's like you overdosed on melanin, Abram, you have not been fair. Tell me: why did you say Sarai is your sister? Why did you think that admitting she's your help meet would help you meet your end? I don't know why you let that thought take residence in your brain, coz it's just not true, I may be a lot of things, but the last thing I'd do is put you underground because of your precious jewel. See, I don’t play games of hammers and nails, hitting on other ladies already deep in covenant with another man, That foolishness is for boys, I don’t condone that stuff, I am a man.' Abram stood there in silence. He knew God had exposed the truth, And truth be told, what the father of faith did is what so many of us do. Making assumptions. Listening to the voice of fear and acting like the Wall of Fire around us has been extinguished, Heeding his whispers and no-risk warnings and possibilities that make our blood run cold and eventually lead us offtrack so we don't have to move out of our comfort zones, But no. It was never meant to be like that. The risk exists, yes, no doubt, but... Why should we let our haemoglobin lose degrees when His word is supposed to be a fire shut up in our bones? Why do we second guess His Sovereignty when He’s spoken once and twice we’ve heard that all power is His? Why do we often assume the worst and seek to preserve ourselves, like our Father doesn’t know what He’s doing? Why don’t we step out of the boat and defy the risks beneath our soles, knowing we’re safe in the hands of the Lover of our souls? Lord, please, help our unbelief. Qwamenah ThroneRoom Perspective This piece was written in the person of another. Have you read a Bible story and had so many questions and thoughts. Have you tried asking God about them? God wants us to communicate such stuff with Him so that we would know the Truth. For the Truth shall set you free. 

Thank you for reading. I hope that you are touched by this piece and the Holy Spirit talks to you through it. God bless.

- Have a wonderful day and let God inspire!

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