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Balance as Christians!

Hello and good morning to everyone! This message is to encourage people like me who have many other things they have to do/ are obligated to do, yet would like to serve Christ.

Currently, I am a sophomore at Ashesi University. My world is full of assignments, homework, quizzes, exams and group meetings. Ashesi’s curriculum is very rigorous and draining as well. Aside school work, I have quite a number of extra curricula activities that I am a part of or spear- head. Literally, my week is very simple: school then my room. I also want to have time to do Sammie’s Daily Dose. Honestly, I struggle with uploading everyday as I have a lot of things to do. But I am dedicated and have made up my mind to do each and every single thing I am engaged in, to my fullest capacity.

It is not an easy thing to juggle. If you are someone who is working or going to school full time and doing God’s work, it is not easy however we do it either ways. This is due to our intrinsic decisions of the importance of each and every single thing we are involved in.

Today’s message is to encourage those in situations like mine to keep on going. Keep making the sacrifices, keep the fire for Christ burning constantly; God is a faithful God. He sees everything you are doing for Him and in His Name. He would reward you. I know it is not easy but God has not forsaken you; do not forsake Him.

This message is for people who want to juggle God’s work with other responsibilities. Do not be afraid. God will give you the strength to be able to do all you have to do. Make that bold step for Christ and He will reward you greatly for your hard work and diligence. The road will not be easy. There will be the good times and the bad; God is with you through it all and He would help you though it a day at a time.

This message is also for those in full time ministry. God bless you for your dedication to God’s Kingdom. God sees all the sacrifices you make for Him and His people. You may be feeling discouraged or a bit disappointed because you have not received your breakthrough. As you read this message, I would like to assure you that God has seen all your work; your reward is on its way. Just keep trusting God and keep the fire for Christ in you burning. He would not forsake you. God’s got you.

I would like to add that God always gives us a strategy on how to do His Work. All you have to do is ask and listen to what He has to tell you. These strategies are specific to everyone. They are exactly what you need and they come at the right time. The issue is that once God gives you the strategy, you must follow it; regardless what it is. There is no negotiating. God gave me a strategy to keep me in balance. I have been trying to negotiate with Him for a while now. I realise that there is no negotiation. If I do what I have been told, it would help me.

I would like to tell you that it is possible to have a balanced life as a Christian (with many responsibilities). God gives each and every one of us strategies that would enable us to achieve this balance. This strategy takes into account your strengths, your weaknesses, your personality and your character. It is a strategy best suited for you. Just go to God and ask for His help. Wait upon the Lord and He will reveal it to you. Hallelujah!

  • I hope you have been encouraged. Now that you have been encouraged, go out and encourage someone else. Have a wonderful day and let God inspire you!

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