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Monday Nuggets: What Do You Trust God With?

Good morning ladies and gentlemen! How are you all doing? Sammie’s Daily Dose is back from a short break. I hope you are ready and excited for the upcoming posts. By God’s Grace, they would speak to you and be a blessing to you! How have the past three days been? Did you forget to spend time with God? If you didn’t, kindly share what the Holy Spirit has taught you over the past few days. If you did, what went wrong? Have you identified what took up your time? Is it something you can work on? Do you need to balance your things much better?

If you do, that’s fine, each and every one of us have struggled with it at one point or another. What you have to do is to go to God and ask Him to help you. You will notice that the Holy Spirit would begin to remind you and urge you to spend time with God. One key thing is to condition your mind. In your mind, see that you are spending time with your Father. It is not a chore. If you see it as such, you might never get into the rhythm of communicating and spending time with God.

Today’s message, we are going to focus on trust. This time, we would be looking at the things that we as Christians bring to God. A question that I want to ask is “What are we confident that we can solve in our own might?” When you answer this question honestly, you would notice that you actually have a list of things that you can do in your own might. These would include taking a shower by yourself, going to the toilet and things like that, which seem simple and easy to do.

The next question I want to ask is “Who do we tur to first in times of trouble?” For this answer, most people I have asked usually respond by saying “maybe.” They tell me that it is dependent on the situation. They tell me that if it is for a minor issue such as a minor road accident, they tend to turn to their parents, friends or relatives who have some power. If it is a situation beyond the control of anyone they know, then they turn to God. Would you respond to the said question like these people do?

Some of you might think this question is not very important and not quite relevant. However, it really is. This shows the level of trust we have in God. As Christians, we are quick to answer the question, “Do you trust in God?” The question is “Do we really trust in God?” The answer to the previous has become automated. A lot of people answer questions about trusting God without understanding what trusting God is about. People answer questions about trusting God based on what they are expected to say as Christians. Now, I want to ask you personally, “Do you trust in God?”

Trusting in God entails humbling yourself and acknowledging the fact that you do not have the power to create, solve or change anything that goes on/in/around the earth. Trusting in God means leaving everything for Him and allowing Him to direct your path. Trusting in God is believing that everything He does for you is for your benefit. Trusting in God means that you do not have to worry about anything because He has sorted it out for you.

Now that you know what trusting in God is about, let me ask the question once more, “Do you trust in God?” Do you think your answer would remain the same? Let me ask this question also, “What do you trust God with/for?” Is it in some things or in all things? In Psalm 9 verse 10, the Bible says “Those who know your name trust in you, for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you.” This verse assures us that God will never and has never forsaken us. With such a faithful and loving God, can you not entrust Him with all your troubles and wins? You can, in fact you must. Why? Because human beings can fail you, but God will, has and never will fail you.

It is not easy to trust God with completely everything. It is difficult to commit certain things to God when you and feel you can handle some things. With the Holy Spirit’s help (and your decision to fully give yourself to Christ) you will be able to trust in God completely. Would this not be amazing? You would literally have no worry or care in the world. So finally, “What things would you trust the Lord with?”

I hope this post got you thinking about your Christian walk. Most importantly, I hope this message encouraged you to take your relationship with god to another level. It is very rewarding to have God at the center of everything. Having faith in God and diligently following Him is not an easy task; but by God’s Grace He would help you. He has given you everything you need to keep the fire burning for Him. You just have to make the decision to follow Him. Are you ready to make that decision?

  • Have a wonderful day and let God inspire you!

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