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100th Post Anniversary Messages: Episode 2- Obedience and Your Assignment!

As part of the anniversary special, we would be looking at the theme: “Your assignment and Obedience”. I just might be writing based upon my personal experiences with starting Sammie’s Daily Dose. You never know!! Let’s get right in!!

Every child of God has an assignment from God, to God. Yup! Though that statement sounds very wrong, it is very right. God gives us an assignment here on earth, for Hos Glory. As you move from one stage to another, all the circumstances you face and the experiences you gain, are preparing you to handle your assignment. However, it is a choice. It is a choice to let God lead you in every part of your life.

Some people think about the reasons why they were put in a particular family. This is because God knew that the qualities you would learn from these specific people would be best in not only harnessing your talents; also allowing you to learn certain values and principles from them. However, it is a choice. It is a choice to listen to your parents or disregard them. Remember, if you do listen to your parents; God would bless you. Why? Well, because you are honoring your mother and father; that is what God has commanded us to do.

God hands over your assignment (your purpose) to you when He knows you are ready. I didn’t not say when you know you are ready but when God says you are ready. If it were up to humans, we would always give an excuse. We would never be ready. When God says go ahead, do not spend your time arguing with God. Stop giving Him excuses. He knows you can handle what He has given you. You just have to be confident in yourself through Him. He is already over confident about you.

When God reveals your purpose to you, obey His instructions. Do not think about it. It may not seem possible or may sound crazy. God knows what level of crazy is good for you. I first started writing daily messages to family and a few friends daily after trying run away from for a while. When I finally obeyed Him, I felt free from exhaustion. I had spent all my energy running away from Him.

The day God told me to start Sammie’s Daily Dose, I was very unsure. I began to ask Him many questions. “Who would read it?” “How would I do the website?” “How will I start?” For those close to me, you would know that I gave myself a one-week processing period. I told everyone that they should watch for something new and exciting with Sammie’s Daily Dose over the following weekend. Guess what I spent the whole week doing? Trying to persuade God to wait a little while.

On Friday night, I realized that God wasn’t changing His mind; I changed mine. I made the decision to follow God word by creating Sammie’s Daily Dose into a website as He had explicitly told me. I was worrying about how? Well, I realized that I know how to create a website because I was taught in school a few months back. Was wondering who? In the first month of writing, over 10,000 people had read Sammie’s Daily Dose from different continents. I was worried about how to start. I prayed and opened Microsoft Word, and the words began to flow. Hallelujah!

Through all this, I am happy to have started Sammie’s Daily Dose. A lot of people are inspired by the words God has for them each day. I am so honored that God chose me for this task. I am very humbled and excited to be His messenger. Since I began, I have been filled with JOY. I can not wait to write a message each day. Hallelujah!

My dear brother and sister in Christ, what are you waiting for. If you are waiting for the perfect time; the perfect time would not come. The time is now. Take up your assignment with a lot of honor and humility, God could have chosen someone else to do that specific task, but He chose you. It means you are the best person for it. Rise up! God is waiting upon you! He is very merciful but do not too late! AMEN.

Have a wonderful day and let God inspire you

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