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The Genesis Story: Part 74- God brings laughter!!

Bible Reading: Genesis 21

Memory Verse: Genesis 21: 6

Sarah said, “God has brought me laughter, and everyone who hears about this will laugh with me.”

Good morning ladies and gentlemen! How are you all doing? Were you inspired by yesterday’s message? What did you learn from it? Today, we are continuing with our journey. We would be looking at how God brings laughter.

From the verses we have been looking at yesterday and what we are looking at today, we see that after God fulfilled His promise to Abraham and Sarah; it brought joy and laughter to their lives. This is exactly what God does for you when He is in your life.

When you have God in your life, He turns your sadness into joy and laughter. Your joy comes from Him. I see a lot of Christians sad and going through a lot of emotions. Once in a while, we all feel that way. I do too! Then I am reminded of how awesome and loving God is. It works, but it is not easy. You have to consciously battle with your mind to convince yourself of this. With God and the Holy Spirit’s help, I am beginning to know that God is the source of my happiness. This is done through the filling of the Word in your heart.

The best thing about this joy and laughter spreads to other people. This is an avenue for them to know how great God is and who God is. Laughter and joy is a mechanism to bring people to Christ. Did you know that? Yup it is. Well, when you are full of laughter. People are drawn to you to find out the reason for the laughter. In this, you have the opportunity to spread the word of God to someone.

I would like each and every one reading this message; to dedicate time to read your Bibles and meditate on them. Through this, the Holy Spirit would begin to fill you up and increase you. Then you will begin to discover happiness and joy which would be expressed outwardly through laughter.

If you are reading this message and you are always tired of being cast down; the prayer below is for you. By praying the prayer, you are inviting a Father who is the source of constant joy. Kindly say this prayer with all sincerity.

Dear Lord,

I come to you today as a sinner. I admit that I am a sinner. I believe that Jesus is your Son and He came on to this earth to die for my sins. Dear Lord, let your Son come and fill me. Lord, I ask that He cleanses me off my sins. I am ready to stand for you and profess your Name. Thank you, Lord. Amen.

If you repeated this prayer with all the sincerity of your heart, congratulations!! You are now a part of God’s family. Welcome to the greatest family ever. Heaven is jubilating on your arrival. Your fellow brothers and sisters are also excited to have you on board. You can now be exempted from the wrath of the enemy and of God. Not only do you experience this, but your whole family as well. Wow! Isn’t the God you serve so cool? He is. Not only do you enjoy this, but you enjoy other blessings God has in store for His children.

Being a child of God is a wonderful thing. The road might not always be easy, but God is with you each and every step of the way. Guiding you, helping you and encouraging up. You will never regret this decision; I can assure you of that. Two things I would recommend for you to do are;

  1. Get yourself a Bible (in a version you understand) and meditate on it day and night. In Joshua 1:8, we are told that when you meditate on the Word day and night, you will be prosperous and successful.

  2. Find a Bible- believing church to attend and fellowship with other Christians. This would help you grow spiritually.

I am excited that you made this decision. Welcome! If you would like some help or more understanding into anything, you can leave a message (adding your email address) and I would be willing and happy to help you out. Hallelujah!

  • Have a wonderful day and let God inspire you!

This is the end of the seventy- forth Part of the Genesis Story. How did you find it? Please give us feedback on how this message (and previous messages) have spoken to you. Don’t forget to subscribe to get notifications once we post.

Always remember to show love to everyone, as this is one of the most important commandments God left for us – “Love your neighbor as yourself.” In every situation, before you take a decision, remember WWJD (What Would Jesus Do). Shalom.

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