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The Year in Review (Part 1)- How It All Began!

Topic: The year in Review (Part 1)- How It All Began!

Good morning ladies and gentlemen! How are you? I hope you are good! Can you believe it; Sammie’s Daily Dose is 1. This has been an awesome journey. I was very happy and excited about this. Today, we would be looking at how Sammie's Daily Dose came about (in full detail)!

When I began Sammie’s Daily Dose, I thought that a year was thousand miles away. However, it has come by so quickly. I did not even realize. I literally did not.

In my mind, I thought Sammie’s Daily Dose would turn one in August. Over the weekend, God asked me to check the date of my first post. I did that! And Guess what! I realized that Sammie’s Daily Dose turned one a few weeks ago. Yup! Almost a month ago. I was overjoyed and grateful. Now, let us take a trip down memory lane…

July 3rd, 2018 was the day I created Sammie’s Daily Dose and posted my first message. I started this blog with “The Ruth Series.” Before this, I used to send daily devotionals to my family members over WhatsApp. A week before 3rdJuly, I asked my friends what to name these. My mum suggested “Samuelle’s dose.” My very good friend, Issabella Ahadzi suggested “Samuelle’s Daily Tips.” I would like to say thank you very much to these wo individuals. They have supported me and this ministry since day one.

The name “Sammie’s Daily Dose” came about when I infused both ideas. Sammie was a nickname I had acquired in Sixth Form. Thought it had a nice ring to it compared to Samuelle’s Daily Dose! This is how the name came about. Interesting right? All this while, I was so excited. I had a name for my WhatsApp messages (still had no clue that in about a week’s time I would create a website and have blog just geared to spreading the Gospel through Bible study and Bible devotionals).

I came home (from Summer school) on Saturday, 30th June 2018. I was preparing to watch a movie and sleep. My parents and sister were out of the house. I had the whole house to myself. I was so happy. Then, the Holy Spirit (all of a sudden) drew my attention to the devotionals. Then, He asked if I had thought of how these messages may impact others’ lives. Well, I responded by saying that I could publish a Devotional. The Holy Spirit said no! He told me to create a website and post the messages there each day. He told me that by doing so the messages would reach so many people.

I was awed; but scared. I had so many questions. I told the Holy Spirit that I am not one of those girls with thousands of followers on social media. Nor, did I know that many people. The Holy Spirit just told me to relax in Him; everything would be alright. And looking back, indeed everything was alright.

After this conversation, I did not tell anyone my plans. I remembered that during the year, we learnt about website creation (on WordPress)- in school. I had heard about Wixsite and wanted to give it a try. I searched for it on the internet and signed up with a Sammie’s Daily Dose email (I had just created). By evening, I had finished creating the website. I was so excited. I still did not tell any one of my plans. The whole of Sunday went by! I was so excited about my blog and had not told one person. I prayed to God about it every evening.

On Monday, I began to plan out my first message. The Holy Spirit told me to begin with the book of Ruth. I was very happy. Then many thoughts crossed my mind. “What if I am not hearing the right voice?” “Would people even read this blog?” “How would people hear about this blog?” And many others. That day was full of mixed emotions. Spent my time mostly going over the website and perfecting the mobile version of the website (which I had discovered that you have to spend time designing both the laptop version and mobile version of the website).

Tuesday, 3rdJuly 2018 came by! My dad dropped me off at school once again. Came home for the weekend and to spend the then holiday (Republic Day) with my family. As soon as I got to my room, I jumped on to my bed and opened my laptop. I began to write my first message. I was so excited. The message came with so much ease. It was as though it was coming from my own mind. I was so excited.

After two hours, the first message was ready. In the two hours, I had to pray for wisdom, read the chapter twice, identify the particular verse and write on it. Went on to the website and uploaded the message. I thought I was done! But oh no!

The Holy Spirit drew my attention to, a designing platform I had just signed on to about a month or two ago. Then, He gave me the picture of how the blog poster should be. I did my best to do so. After I completed the design, I uploaded it on to the website; attached it to the message and published the post. Oh My God! My first post was out!

Then I went on WhatsApp and sent the link of the website (with the first post) to almost everyone on my contact list! Yup! Everyone was surprised! No one had I clue! Immediately, I received calls and texts from family members who had read the post. The blessed me with so many compliments and encouraging words. I was overwhelmed by the amount of support and encouragement I had received. This was how Sammie’s Daily Dose was birthed!

Since then, I have tried (oh I really have!) to post a message every day. It has not been easy. God has equipped me to go through and I am very thankful for every moment of it. All my experiences!

This week’s messages are focused on the Sammie’s Daily Dose story! I would be sharing the highlights, the struggles and end with an analysis of the website. I hope you are as excited as I am and ready to learn more about Sammie’s Daily Dose.

I dedicated this week’s messages to God. I am grateful and honoured to be chosen for this assignment. Next, to my mum who has supported me (right from the beginning). To my best friend who supports Sammie’s Daily Dose everyday by posting it on social media. God bless you! To all my readers and Sammie’s Daily Dose family members who have been with me for a while now. Thank you very much. Without you, Sammie’s Daily Dose would not be there. To everyone who I shared Sammie’s Daily Dose with and requested that I stop sending them notifications. I say thank you. You have taught me one thing about living a Christ- like life. It is about exercising patience and prayer. I pray that God fills you up.

To crown the first-year celebrations, Sammie’s Daily Dose would be doing something special! This would take place during our maiden event, Time At His Feet! Have you registered? Please do so now! You do not want to miss this.

The registration link is

God bless you all! Have a wonderful day and let God inspire you!

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