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Topic: 5 steps to command 2021- Part 3 (Highlight)

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! How are you doing? Hope you have had a wonderful day (and a wonderful week so far)! The New Year is in two days, are you excited? The long awaited 2021 is finally here! What are you looking forward to this New Year? I pray that God meets your desires! I pray that your victory/ destiny is restored in this New Year!

In our mini-series, we have been exploring the 5 steps to command the year 2021. So far, we have looked at the first two steps- REVIEW and REFLECT. Today, we continue our series with the third step, which is HIGHLIGHT! It is important to highlight the key lessons and insights for the year! This would help you to know the things to focus on and what not to focus on- especially for our next step (PRAY) which would be explored tomorrow!

In the process of highlighting the important things of 2020, it is important to identify the patterns that show from your reflection. As you go over the first two steps, in preparation for this step, you will realize that there are some character traits, circumstances, etc. that keep showing up! These are the things we must pay particular attention to- both good and bad! This is because, more often that not, these are the things God wants to draw our attention to or teach us about! That is our main focus in this third step!

Like to are all wondering, how are you going to put down the Highlights of 2020. Well, to begin the session, you must say an opening prayer! Following the same pattern as the previous step; the opening prayer must include (and it is not restricted to):

1. Thanking God for life.

2. Thanking God for the year (His Abundant Grace and Mercies upon your life throughout the year).

3. Commit the session into God’s care.

4. Ask for the Holy Spirit’s guidance (and assistance)

5. Ask for an open mind and heart.

Next, turn over to a fresh page in your notebook (need a notebook to help you in this exercise, head on to the Sammie’s Scribes page to purchase some notebooks). At the right corner of the page, write the date. Next, write out the title of the session (HIGHLIGHTS OF 2020) at the center of the first line. After that, divide the page into 2. The left column is dedicated to writing out the key lessons from the year. The right column will be dedicated to the things you would have improve on or work hard to achieve.

The main question is, “How should I write out the highlights?” Well, after your opening prayer, spend some time going through all that you put down under the REFLECTIONS exercise. As you go over your notes a few times (preferably 2x), you will see that some things are related. These become your HIGHLIGHTS!

Tip: -

The Highlights are easily done when you group all similar items! Then you derive a “theme” for all the things listed in the group! This becomes the Highlights that you write out either on the left side or right side of your page.

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Have a wonderful evening and let God inspire you!