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Topic: 5 steps to command your year (2021)- Step 5 (Dedication)

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! How are you doing? How has your day been? I hope the year has begun on a positive note! Keep confessing each day, the theme of the year! Hold on to it! It is God’s promise for His children for the year 2021! As you hold on to this promise, watch and see it manifest in your life this year! Hallelujah!

We are finally ending this series on commanding your year! I am very excited to have published this series; sharing a bit of what the Holy Spirit has taught me (about commanding your year)! It doesn’t end here! I will be delving a bit more on this topic on our podcasts- stay tuned for that! In addition to this, the workbook for this series is out in a few days! You will be able to have all the templates I have carefully guided you through in this series! It doesn’t end there, the workbook contains all the Bible study, Bible Reading and Quiet time templates and plans I use! You can pre-order yours now!

The fifth step we will be exploring today is DEDICATION! It is important to dedicate your year into Gods hands! Most importantly, you must dedicate your talents, giftings and opportunities to God- to enable you to do God’s Work or fulfill your purpose in life!

You may wonder- Isn’t prayer the same as dedication? Well, prayer is the tool used for dedication, however, prayer is not dedication! In this step, we would be focusing on dedication! To start, let me give you an example of how this works!

I have been working on Sammie’s Ministries for the past 2 and a half years! God has equipped me to use my skills to spread the Gospel to all the corners of the earth! I believe that this ministry is one of the things I am destined to do! So in this step, I will dedicate Sammie’s Ministries into God’s Hands! I’ll pray asking God to strengthen me and continue to use me as a vessel to touch more lives by the end of the year!

How will you plan this prayer? Well, like in all the steps we have explored, you need to be in a quiet, calm area! Then you open a fresh new page in your notebook! Write out the date on the top right corner of the page! Next, write out the title- 2021 Dedications- at the center of the first line! Before you begin the plan, say a quick prayer. Remember to invite the Holy Spirit to the guide you through the session, invite the Holy Spirit to take charge of the session and thank God for His goodness!

On the page, fold the page into two! On the left column, write out all the things (opportunities, talents, gifts, etc.) you would like to dedicate to God, in this new year! Next, use the right column to write out the goal! As you dedicate the particular thing to God, what would you like Him to help you achieve (with the opportunity/ talent/ gift) by the end of the year!

Tip: -

Start with the things you do/ talents that you have that excite you! Things that have been on your mind for a while to start or develop, then go next!

Sammie’s Ministries has put together a workbook that contains all the templates need to complete the 5 steps in this series! In the workbook, there are some bonus materials too! There are templates for Bible Study, Quiet Time, etc. Watch out for the workbook (and other new items- a planner and declaration posters) out this Friday! Order yours now- via WhatsApp on
(+233) 26 437 9848.

Have a wonderful evening and let God inspire you! God bless you all!



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