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Dear God,

Today, Sammie’s Daily Dose (SDD) turns!! Wow! It has been 2 years since SDD started! I am so blessed to be on this journey! You took a girl who disliked reading and writing and turned her into a blogger! I am amazed by this, each day!

I remember the first day I posted a message on SDD. I was scared and very excited, at the same time! I was very skeptical about the whole idea! But I still decided to go on with this “somewhat” crazy idea! Look at what this “crazy” idea has turned into today! The messages over the years have encouraged, inspired and taught many individuals (and myself)!

It has been a very difficult, yet awesome journey! This journey has taught me about resilience, strength, patience, hope, faith, perseverance, etc. I am very glad; I obeyed your instructions! It has been the best decision I have taken! Who would have thought!

I must admit, there have been times that I felt like quitting; through all those experiences, I have learnt to trust you and focus on you, solely! I have faltered many times- by posting very late at night (like today) or not posting at all- but I never gave up! You give me the strength to stand up strong when I falter! If it were solely up to me or if it were by my strength, I would have stopped a long time ago.

I know that SDD is a part of my mission (here on earth). With that, I dedicate everything I am and everything I have to it! You are what motivates me to fulfill my mission. For this (and more), I say “Thank you!!” Words can not describe the joy or the wholeness that this platform has brought to me! SDD has been a source of comfort during my most difficult times; dealing with school and other projects. SDD has been the source of my blessings and my successes! For that, I am very grateful!

Lord, thank you for being very patient with me! You never give up on me when I falter! You continue to encourage me and be there for me! We know that if it were mum and dad, I will be shouted upon; for being disobedient. Thank you for being understanding! Throughout my faces, you continue to guide me and direct me in the right path! Lord, I do not know what I will do without your unconditional love for me and for all your children!

As this wonderful journey continues, I promise to push myself more to ensure that everyone hears of the gospel- through SDD. I promise to profess your word always! I promise to be obey your instructions (better) and not be overridden with fear and anxiety! I promise to take SDD to an even greater level that before- through your help. I promise to spend more time in your presence! I promise to subdue myself; to be used by you! I promise to fall in love with you and your word even more!

With lots of love,

Your dependable and favorite daughter




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