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Faith Mini-Series [Faith Collection Launch Post 1]- Faith! Why Faith?

Faith! Why Faith?

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! As many of you may know, this week, Sammie’s Ministries is launching another collection under the Sammie’s Scribes sub-ministry! This collection is called “The Faith Collection!” The Faith Collection has various items for the home and personal use; so that we are constantly reminded to exercise Faith every day! For without Faith, we are (and have) nothing!

This week, I would share a short piece about Faith and my experience with Faith! I will say my Faith-imony! I hope you enjoy this short series! Prepare for Friday! There is going to be a special announcement to go with the launch of the collection- as well as the Easter baskets of Faith! We at Sammie’s Ministries, are very excited about this new collection, and we hope you are too!

Do we know that as Christians, the basis of our relationship with God is Faith? Well, it is! The Holy Spirit taught me this a few weeks ago when He was talking to me about this collection! You see, the fundamental truth of our journey is that Christ died for us (God’s children) and resurrect on the third day- paining the price for our sins! As Christians, we know this is true because we have Faith in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit! That is why we are all on this journey!

Like 2 Corinthians 5:7 says, “For we walk by Faith, not by sight.” This journey we are on is all about Faith! Without Faith, we cannot embark on this journey with God! Though we are human, a lot of the things we deal with or face are spiritual! The God we serve is a Holy Being! Our Faith in Christ is what equips us to face everything that comes our way! In actual fact, we live in a physical world that is heavily influenced by the spiritual! Having Faith not only equips you for the spiritual, but the physical too!

This is the main reason why need Faith! If you want a relationship with Christ, you need Faith! I don’t know what point you are in your journey with Christ! Just exercise a bit of Faith today and see what will happen! Do you know that Faith is full of power? Yes! For as a child of God, your faith can move mountains [Matthew 17:20]. This doesn’t have to be some enormous about of Faith! Once you accept that Christ has died and paid all the penalties for your sin (you have power to conquer the enemy) you have won! You just stand on this with Faith and take your answer from the enemy!

Sammie’s Story:

My health has been a battle most of my life! I have been battling all sorts and kinds of pain (and illness)! But God is faithful! Just two days ago, I had a conversation with my sibling, and she reminded me of the battles I have been through! She reminded me of the healing I have experienced throughout my life! Honestly, it is by God’s Grace I am alive today! That is the reason why I wouldn’t stop serving Him!

Through all of my health battles, my prayer is matched by my Faith! Without exercising Faith, I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy my breakthrough! As a Christian, you can practice and do everything that God tells us to! However, without Faith you wouldn’t get any result!

Standing firm on God’s word, in Faith, I have experienced healing from all sorts of illness and complications! And I still do, to this day! The enemy will not leave you alone once you confess that you are God’s child! The enemy will keep coming and coming! Oh, but that his mistake! Why? Well, God’s promises plus faith, he is sure going to lose each and every single time!

Today, I don’t know what you need to do or conquer in your life! With Faith, you will have your breakthrough! Try it out! Let us exercise Faith together and let’s walk in victory! Hallelujah!

Have a wonderful evening! God bless you all! Don’t forget to look out for the launch of the Faith collection on Friday! I pray that you will be encouraged, inspired and uplifted by the items in this collection! With Easter on the way, we are introducing our Easter baskets of Faith! These are exciting baskets for your friends, family, colleagues or yourself! We can’t wait to introduce them to you!!! God bless you all!



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