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Faith Mini-Series [Faith Collection Launch Post 3]- Faith over Works Always!

Faith over Works Always!

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! How are you doing? The weekend is almost here! What are you most excited about? What are you thankful for? Well, for us at Sammie’s Ministries, we are excited to share our Faith Collection this tomorrow! We are thankful for all of you! Yes! All our readers, subscribers, followers on social media, etc. We are very grateful to God for your lives! We are excited to know that we are embarking on a wonderful, beautiful journey together!

The launch of the Faith Collection is a few hours away! We are so excited for you to see all the wonderful things we have for you! This collection has been prayerfully and carefully designed and packaged by Sammie. We are very excited for this collection! Are you?

Well, on that note, lets read what Sammie has for us today on Faith! We hope you have enjoyed all that Sammie has shared in this mini-series! She has really enjoyed it as well! Let us get right into it!


Hello beautiful children of God! How are you all doing? I am sure you all know that we are all very excited about our new collection tomorrow! Well, there is a special announcement going live on our Instagram page, alongside our launch! Don’t forget to join me! In light of this announcement, let us get right into the message!

As Christians, it is important to do works! Yes! As we live Christ-like lives; we have the fruits of the Spirits! All these attributes cause us to do “good works.” As we go through life, we help people out, we support people and the church and many other things! All this is fine! However, it is important that we know that it is not the good works that saves us!

What saves us? Well, it is the Faith we have that Christ died on the cross to save our sins! And He resurrected on the third day! He paid the price for all our transgressions and sins! That is how we can justify our salvation! This is not based on the good works! At times, we tend to forget the real reason we are Christians, and we get consumed by the works that we do! Some people even get obsessed with their service to God! They start to put their service in/ for the church above their Faith in God!

Some think that they can leverage their good works for “favors” from God! But it doesn’t work that way! Don’t get me wrong, God rewards and honors all that we do for Him! Most importantly, He looks at the heart! He looks at the sources of our actions- are we doing these good works for God or ourselves?

That is why it is important to stay humble in Christ! My work at Sammie’s Ministries can easily become my obsession, however, I make a conscious effort to know that this is not about me, Sammie, it is about fulfilling the Great Commission- spreading the Gospel to all nations! In everything I do, I give the Glory to God! I make sure to pause and say it- even when I receive a text of praise! I have to force myself to just say thank you to God and give all the glory to Him! It is very easy to let all the praise and reward for your works to derail you! Each day, I ask God to give me strength to do what He has planned for my life! I ask Him to help me to stay focused on Him!!

My dear brother and sister, that is the only way! For if you depend on your flesh, it will fail you! To ensure you put your Faith in Christ over your works for Christ, go back to Him! Ask Him to help you to stay humble in His Word! Ask Him to help you to yearn for Him and His Word! Then you will be growing in Faith and growing in Christ! You do not need to say a very long prayer! Just close your eyes wherever you are (and with a sincere heart) ask God to help to keep Him as your main focus! That all! With that, you have to take action! Make the conscious effort to always TRULY acknowledge God from the heart! You are on the right track fam! God bless you!



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