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ISAIAH'S TRUTHS: Lesson 2- sin-full and forsaken!

Topic: Isaiah’s Truths: Lesson 2- Sin-full and Forsaken!

Bible Reading: Isaiah 2

Memory Verse: Isaiah 3

Alas, sinful nation, A people laden with iniquity, A brood of evildoers, Children who are corrupters! They have forsaken the Lord, They have provoked to anger The Holy One of Israel, They have turned away backward.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! How are you doing this evening? How has your day been? And your week, so far? Despite all the ups and downs you may face, just know that God is in control! He’s not done with you! He’s given you life; you purpose on earth has not been filled! Don’t loose hope! Have Faith! God will surely come through for you! He has not failed anyone yet! Hallelujah!

Today, we are continuing with our new series, Isaiah’s Truths, with the second lesson! Today (and the rest of the week), we are addressing very important issues about Christians! God (and the Holy Spirit) is using this opportunity to draw attention to people to reflect on their ways and change! It is very important that we strive to follow God’s Will for our lives- and not “our” will for our lives!

Have you read yesterday’s post? What were your thoughts on it? Please feel free to share what you learnt or what struck you the most! Well, with all that, let us get right into today’s message!

Are we failing God with our lifestyle? Being a Christian in this 21stCentury is definitely not easy! We can’t compare our situation now to previous times; however, with the discovery of the internet, social media, artificial intelligence, etc. everything seems right and fit in this world! Are we making the conscious effort to stay firm and grounded in God’s Word? You see, there is an increasing thing line between what is acceptable to man and what is acceptable to God! Why? Well, the evolution of all the things mentioned above (internet, social media, etc.), can be used to propel the Kingdom of God! However, it can easily lead you in another direction if you are not strong and deeply rooted in Christ! Unfortunately, that’s what has happened to many Christians!

This path we are on (building a relationship with God), it is a very difficult and selfless decision! There are many Christians that have faltered or are in the process of faltering! Many Christians living sin-full lives and have forsaken God! The things that Christians do; are very surprising! We live our lives as though we control it- we do whatever pleases us! And many times, we try to justify our actions with God’s Word or the image we have created to the world as being Christians! This is wrong! We must stop that! All these vile, corrupt acts and practices must stop! We always wonder why people are taking up other religions, etc. unfortunately, the sad reality is that our lives are not reflecting our talk! The way we live our lives there’s no difference between us (Christians) and non-Christians- how do we expect to change someone when we do not represent (and live) that change!

This has been going on for a long time! Is it fair to say God is angry at us! Oh yes, He is! He is a fair and just God! However, He is a jealous God! He does show His wrath towards the people who are against Him (or take Him for granted). Is that the path we want to be on? Well, let’s rise up and stand firm in Him! Everything we crave for and want; we can get from God! The only difference is the timing! We live in the world that seeks quick or instant results! Everything around us, seems to want (and need) us to get instant results- instant ways to be rich and wealthy, instant ways to gain power, instant ways to get fame and influence, the list goes on and on! The God we serve is Faithful, all the things we long for, belong to us already! The only thing is that God wants to teach us the skills to manage and preserve all those things! Most importantly, He gives us a great gift/ reward- eternal life!

This evening, as you read this message, I would like to encourage you to take a few moments of your time to assess your relationship with God! Have you fallen-short? Are there things you would like to change or improve upon? Well, the time is now! Get back to God now! He is calling all His children back to Him! He is looking for His people to bless and anoint! Are you part of them? When God is choosing His children, will you be called too? It’s time to arise and get back to the Word! It’s time to arise and draw closer to God! Hallelujah! God bless you!

Prayer Points:

1. Thank the Holy Spirit for this reminder!

2. Pray for Christians worldwide that they may continue to choose Christ each day!

3. Pray for the church that they may not falter from their mandate!

4. Ask the Holy Spirit to continue to live and work in you!

5. Ask the Holy Spirit to continue to guide and strengthen you to keep choosing Christ!

6. Thank God for what He is about to do in your life!

7. Ask God to continue to help and fuel ministers, pastors, prophets, teachers, etc. who are proclaiming God every day

8. Pray for Christians worldwide facing persecution.

9. Pray for Sammie’s Ministries.

End with a time of praise and worship!

Today’s prayer:

Dear Lord,

I thank you for my life. I thank you for giving me another beautiful day. I ask that you guide me and protect me. I pray that I will choose you in every situation that I face. And that my life will be a testimony and an example to many that I have Christ living in me. Thank you, Lord, for sending your son to die on the cross and wipe my sins away. I lift your name high for you are Alpha and Omega. Amen!


The prayer below is for anyone who does not know God or maybe has been apart from God for a while. God is here to pour His favor over your life. All you have to do is call out to Him. Make that decision today!

Dear Lord,

I come to you today as a sinner. I admit that I am a sinner. I believe that Jesus is your Son and He came on to this earth to die for my sins. Dear Lord, let your Son come and fill me. Lord, I ask that He cleanses me off my sins. I am ready to stand for you and profess your Name. Thank you, Lord. Amen.

If you repeated this prayer with all the sincerity of your heart, congratulations!! You are now a part of God’s family. Welcome to the greatest family ever. Heaven is jubilating on your arrival. Your fellow brothers and sisters are also excited to have you on board.

Being a child of God is a wonderful thing. The road might not always be easy, but God is with you each and every step of the way. Guiding you, helping you and encouraging up. You will never regret this decision; I can assure you of that. Two things I would recommend for you to do are;

1. Get yourself a Bible (in a version you understand) and meditate on it day and night. In Joshua 1:8, we are told that when you meditate on the Word day and night, you will be prosperous and successful.

2. Find a Bible- believing church to attend and fellowship with other Christians. This would help you grow spiritually.

I am excited that you made this decision. Welcome! If you would like some help or more understanding into anything, you can leave a message (adding your email address) and I would be willing and happy to help you out