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Good evening ladies and gentlemen! I hope you are doing well! It has been a long while! I hope you are all doing well; full of peace, joy, laughter and happiness. We are back (by the Grace of God)! We hope to continue to feed your spirits each day from now on!

[I would like to thank every one who reached out to me during the break. God richly bless you all!}

This week, I would be sharing my testimony! The testimony about Sammie's Daily Dose and the lessons I have learnt. I hope that they would inspire you to keep striving to attain all that God has planned for you!

Let's Go!!

Disappointment- a way for the enemy to slowly creep in!

Starting Sammie's Daily Dose (now part of Sammie's Ministries) was the most exciting thing ever! Posting every day filled me up with a certain joy and peace; I had never experienced before. I was happy to know that many people read the blog and get to hear the Gospel. The first few months of posting were exciting. I was always looking forward to it- by this point I had close to 10,000 people viewing the website. I knew I was doing the right thing!

Slowly, as the months went by; I realised that I had less and less numbers! Then I began to panic! Several thoughts crossed my mind! I felt horrible- I felt like I had let myself done, but most importantly, I felt like I had let God down. I tried to justify what I was happening! I started blaming myself- I thought that due to my lack of friends and supporters; I could not gain the traction that the site needed. Few people posted the e-flyer on their social media! The few friends and family I thought had my back; did not even read my posts each day! This made me feel very horrible! I felt like there was no one I could trust! No one who supported me (only criticised me when I was slacking).

This feeling of disappointment in myself, in my friends and family; and the feeling of God being disappointed in me continued throughout the year. There were many times I felt like quitting the blog. I thought that I may have ran ahead of what God had planned for me! However, I persevered through it all; then it came down to the Sammie's Daily Dose's First event- this was one of the weirdest place I had been!

I was so excited to finally host an event! I had 35 people who had signed up to join the event! A lot of these were people I didn't know of! My friends and family were not available on the day of the event- with that I knew God wanted to teach my that He's got my hand! Planning this event alone was stressful and expensive- I would like to use this opportunity to every one who helped me host this event through your prayers, helping at the venue and some money; God richly bless you. I used my savings to rent a space, order food, buy stationery, drinks, water, etc. On that day, only 8 people showed up! That was the biggest blow ever! How did 35 people end up at 8 people! I was hurt! this sort of emotional pain I had never felt before! At this point, I wanted to stopped Sammie's Daily Dose! I was so discouraged and disappointed! How could I have failed God? What do I do next?...

Thank you very much for reading this post! This week I am going to be very candid about my journey with Sammie's Daily Dose! That being said, I would like to extend my gratitude to every one who has been supporting me since Day 1. I see and appreciate all your efforts! God richly bless you! You guys have been part of the reason I am motivated to come back; when I feel like all hope is lost! God richly bless you! I love you all for the deepest part of my heart!

Lesson 1:-

The outcomes and results of doing God's work is not based on your expectations, thoughts or imaginations! It is a process; at every stage God is training you! There is a bigger thing ahead! He is preparing you for that thing! God knows YOU CAN- that is why He chose you to achieve that particular goal! Continue to look up to Him! He is pleased with you! He is directing your path! Hang on tight! Do not give the enemy, the chance to destroy the seeds God has planted in you!

God richly bless you!

You can reach out to me (about anything and everything) via the contact section on our website or you can DM me on instagram (@sammiesministries). My phone number is also available on the website, you can send me a WhatsApp message!

- Have a wonderful evening and let God inspire you!



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