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My Testimony- Part 2

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! I hope you had a wonderful day, today! In today's post, I will be sharing the second part of my Sammie's Daily Dose journey! Before we begin, I would like to thank every one who reached out to me after yesterday's post. Thank you for the words of encouragement and support! God richly bless you!

Are you ready for Part 2?

Let's Go!

Fear- the enemy's way of hindering your progress

After battling with the disappointment (and emotional issues) from the event, I stopped posting on Sammie's Daily Dose for about a week and a half to two weeks! Yes! That was the effect of a year long battle with disappointment! Many of you may think that disappointment shouldn't be the reason to quit. This time around it was my reason to quit!

This was the first time I had stop my daily posts in the year (apart from the Christmas break). I felt guilty and unhappy about this! Despite feeling this, my disappointment had transformed into fear! I was afraid that God's had turned away from me; because I had stopped posting. I was afraid of people's judgements and criticisms. I was afraid that my absence had made people forget about the blog and they wouldn't read any new posts. I had succeeded in allowing the enemy to come and rule over me!

Some close friends (and my mum) tried to encourage me to get back to writing! They kept saying that God is happy with the event because 8 people had heard the word of God! Heaven is jubilating! With all these words, my mind kept tossing these words- are they lying to make me feel better or are they telling the truth.

[Any one who knows me knows that once I set my mind to something; I have to achieve it! The result must be in the same manner and picture I saw in my mind's eye. Though a part of me knew they were right; a larger part of me had my ego hurt! To top that all off, I thought that God was disappointed in me.]

What helped me to come back to posting was a phrase (or two) my mum said to me- "God can move mountains just to save one of his sheep! Even if only one person reads your post and/or comes to your event; know that God used you as the vessel to save the lost sheep!" That was very very true! Slowly, I tried to change my mindset with these positive phrases. Then, I gained some confidence to start posting messages on my blog once again! I realised that if God didn't know that I can handle all that comes with working for Him; He wouldn't have called me to do it! He has built everything in me to triumph through every battle and mountain I face! It was time to rise up and kick the enemy away!

Lesson 2:-

Do not give the enemy the chance to feed you with negative thoughts and/ or emotions. Once you give him small chance, the enemy would take a giant leap. This started out as disappointment by the time I realised fear had set in! Always know that YOU CAN! God has got your back! He is proud of you and your efforts. For everything works out in His Time! Once you are following His instructions for your life; everything will be fine! The big things are about to happen; before that God has to train you and teach you- preparing you for the grand things.

For everyone who has got to this point of the post, thank you very much! I hope that as i share these candid reflections and lessons, you are encouraged! God richly bless you for reading! You give me the motivation to keep posting, because I know that there is a lost sheep out there; who may be transformed by my post! God bless you all! Have a wonderful evening, and a great day tomorrow!

You can reach out to me (about anything and everything) via the contact section on the Sammie's Ministries website or you can DM me on instagram (@sammiesministries). My phone number is also available on the website; you can send me a WhatsApp/ Telegram message!

- Have a wonderful evening and let God inspire you!



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