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My Testimony- Part 3

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! How are you doing? I hope your day has been great! Before moving into the story, I would like to apologise for posting this piece, later than usual. Also, I would like to thank everyone who reached out to me (yesterday) and/ or read yesterday's post! Honestly, I have been humbled by the feedback and the traction my testimony has gained! God richly bless you all!

Are you ready for today's story?

Let's go!!

Expectations/Ego: You can be your own enemy!

In these past 2 years, I have constantly battled with my expectations (and a bruised ego). Like I mentioned in yesterday's post, I am visionary. Once I fall in love with an idea or a thing; I have a picture of the results in my minds eye! My expectations grow very very high! When the results don't match the beautiful picture I created, my ego gets bruised. Shocking right! This happens with (almost) everything that happens in my life; including beauty. For example; when I buy a dress; in my mind's eye I have created the picture of how the clothing piece is to look like on me! When I were the dress and it does not match the picture I have; I begin to feel inferior! I begin to think that I am not beautiful or some funny thought the enemy brings my way! Very ridiculous right! Yeah! By God's Grace, He is renewing mind and thoughts!

[This conversation is for another time! Watch out for it soon!]

When I first started Sammie's Daily Dose, I had pictured having a large following of thousands of people, growing into millions. When I started Sammie's Scribe, I pictured that my notebooks would be sold out in a few months! When all my expectations and self-imposed deadlines were not met, I was extremely hurt! "Hurt" does not fully describe what I felt. [Honestly, running this ministry has been very expensive. A lot of people don't know what goes into it! A lot of my savings has gone into this ministry. Not only money, a lot of my time and effort has gone into this ministry. I knew that God would reward me greatly.] The mistake I made was that I expected the rewards and/ or results from this ministry to come in my time; not in God's time.

When we are work for God we put in all our emotions (and efforts) into the assignment! At times, we want to ran at a faster pace than God! It is always important to go back to God at every point in time! Why? Well, so that you make your that you are still in His path and not your path! This is because we can be our own enemy! When things do not do in our favour or our expectations are not met; we rely on our human wisdom to rectify things! I must say... doing that causes destruction! You will be doing more harm than good!

Lesson 3:-

In working for God, you must learn to put "yourself" aside and ride in God's wagon! This means turning your expectations into God's expectations; trashing your "human" ego and putting on Christ! God knows that YOU CAN! That is why you are doing the job!

For everyone who has got to this point of the post, thank you very much! I hope that as I share these candid reflections and lessons, you are encouraged! God richly bless you for reading! You give me the motivation to keep posting, because I know that there is a lost sheep out there; who may be transformed by my post! God bless you all! Have a wonderful evening, and a great day tomorrow!

You can reach out to me (about anything and everything) via the contact section on the Sammie's Ministries website or you can DM me on instagram (@sammiesministries). My phone number is also available on the website; you can send me a WhatsApp/ Telegram message!

- Have a wonderful evening and let God inspire you!



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