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My Testimony- Part 4

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! How are you doing? Another glorious week has come to an end! How was your week? Did anything exciting or interesting happen? What are your plans for the weekend? Personally, I am looking forward to sleeping in, a bit longer than usual! Most importantly, I am grateful and thankful to God for protecting my through this week! I am grateful for the opportunity to share my story with you! I am grateful for the encouragement and the love I have received from you all!

Today, marks the end of this mini series (for now)! Next week, we continue our main series, "Esther's Glory!" I pray (and hope) that you will continue to read this blog and be inspired by the messages. Well, let us get right into this story!

Let's Go!!

God's Answer to my worry- YOU CAN!

For some of you who have been on this rollercoaster ride with me, you will realise that Sammie's Daily Dose (Sammie's Ministries, as a whole) was dormant for four weeks! A few of you reached out to check up on me and encourage me to continue. Honestly, I had come to a point where I thought I could not go on with the whole ministry! I felt like all the effort I put in the ministry was not yielding any result. [There were times I would have only 1 reader. No one was subscribing to the website. The notebooks (Sammie's Scribes) were not selling.] I was feeling exhausted and weary!

During this period, my mum would continuously hound me about my work ethic/ approach towards Sammie's Ministries. I would get very upset because she didn't understand where I was coming from, nor did she understand everything involved in running this ministry. There were days I had typed out messaged however I just couldn't post them. I began to have conversations with God! I kept asking Him if this ministry is what He wants me to do!

At the beginning of the third week of my sabbatical, God gave me an answer! All He said was "YOU CAN!" Those were the exact words I needed. I needed to know that I can press on through it all! I needed to be reminded that God chose me for this assignment because I CAN do it! God reminded me that no matter how circumstances may be presently, "I CAN", because I am more than a conqueror.

Motivational Shares:

This message/ statement "YOU CAN!" is for you too! It is for anyone who is feeling discouraged or disappointed. It for you, yes you, contemplating on whether to start the assignment God has given you! God is telling you that YOU CAN! You have the strength to do anything and everything (by His Grace)! Go for it! What are you waiting for? Why are you sad and overridden by depression and negative thoughts? Press on! Move forward! YOU CAN!


Each day (during this week), I spent a few minutes after each post to reflect on the message! On wednesday (after posting PART 2 of this testimony), I was washing the dishes (as usual) late into the night. I was thinking through the post and I began to have a conversation with God! I asked God, "God, why this rollercoaster ride?" His answer was shocking! God said, "At the beginning, I allowed you to reach 10,000 readers in one month because I wanted to show you what your ministry is capable of (the number of lives your ministry will touch). You are going through this rollercoaster so that you will learn how to serve all those thousands/ millions of souls that come to your ministry for spiritual supplements!" After this, I was said, in a loud and clear voice, "wow! I understand now!"

My dear brother/ sister in Christ, God is training you and equipping you for the people you are going to impact. You are being moulded in fire; so that you may be strong and focused on heaven's work- on the impact you will make to the Christian Faith. So its time that we press on for the kingdom! It is not easy! As you have read (in the small part of my testimony) this week, the path is not always straightforward. however, God is with you! He is strengthening you; every step of the way! When you fall (like I have severally), gather the courage and strength to get up and complete the journey! This race is not for the swift; it is for the diligent, focused and forceful hard-worker! God bless you all!

I hope and pray that all that I have shared this week would impact your lives. I pray that you find hope and strength in each message and you are encouraged to press on! I hope you have enjoyed this mini-series. Thank you for coming along this (short) journey with me and my story! God richly bless you! Lastly, I would like to thank you all for reading each part of the message, for sharing it with others, for liking the posts and all the support and feedback I have received. God bless you! I hope that we all continue on this journey together! There is a lot more coming your way from Sammie's Ministries. Watch out for some exciting things this coming holiday! God bless you! Have a wonderful night and weekend!

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