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Pill of ​the Week

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! How are you doing? It has been a while! Have you missed us? Well, by The grace of God; Sammie's Daily Dose is back from three-week break! Are you excited to continue growing and learning more about our relationship with God!

This week's pill is prescribed from the book of Esther- the selected book of the Bible for the season, on Sammie's Ministries. The verse prescribed for us; is filled with encouragement, It is a reminder of the fact that God is fighting our battles on our behalf. As we have such a powerful God backing us (in everything we do), we are favoured in everything we do! We are above all our peers, colleagues, acquaintances, etc. The Living God we serve has never failed us and will not fail us any time to come.

I pray and hope that this week's prescribed pill; will inspired, strengthen and equip you this week! God bless you!

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