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Pill of the Week

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! How was your weekend? Any new things you learnt or shared? I hope it was filled with joy and laughter! How was your day? How was your day at work/ school/ home? I hope it was good! I pray that your week will be full of blessings and favour!

Today's pill is prescribed to anyone and everyone who is going through very difficult battle! The pill is prescribed to anyone and everyone, who has to make a tough decision or challenge the status quo! This pill is prescribed to anyone and everyone; who has put on Faith, and is going heads on with the enemy! This week's pill is for you! Yes! You reading this!

This is a reminder that as we embark on difficult journeys; we must seek God's face! As we speak time with God, He reveals things to us and directs us! He strengthens us and equips us for the task ahead! Yes! God is always for us and with us! However, spending quality time (through fasting and prayer) before something major, is more for us (than Him)! It helps us to stay focus and alert! It helps us to get into the right frame of mind and the right attitude to tackle what comes before us!

Not only does the pill act as reminder that we must go to God, in prayer and fasting; it reminds us of the power of corporate prayer. It is important to get Christ-filled and Spirit-filled people to hold your hands through certain situations. We need their support (especially through prayer), to intervene for us! This is very helpful and important!

Now, I present to you the pill of the week- from Esther 4 (the Bible chapter we would be focusing on this week!)

Have a wonderful week and let God inspire You!



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