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Pill of the week!

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Another wonderful week is here! This is the second week in March and we are all here by God's Grace! If anyone tells you that s/he has survived the year without the Grace of God- that is an absolute lie! Even for those who are not Christians, God is the judge! This means that day-in and day-out, there is the opportunity to share the Gospel with someone! You see spreading the Gospel can be done in several ways- technology has helped a lot with that! This week, I would like to urge you to think about the things you like and see how you can connect that to sharing the Gospel! God bless you!

The Word is full of power!

Well...the prescribed medication (by the Holy Spirit) is ready for consumption! This week's pills have the mandate of expressing/ communicating the Power of the Word of God!

This past year has been full of mixed emotions! We are all still living in this space of mixed emotions- fear, anxiety, sadness, anger, anguish, and many others! However, the Word of God is so powerful because it carries a lot of weight! Why? Well, this is because the Bible is God's own words delivered to His people! It has a lot of power behind it! God is the most powerful- above any kind of person, spirit or being! Equally, His Words are more powerful both in the physical and spiritual realm(s).

As Christians, we have God's Word is all we need! The Word provides all we need to conquer this crazy world that we live in! Not only that, it serves as a guide for us, Christians! It serves as our defence! It serves as our solution! The Word has several purposes in our lives- all very important for us to grow in Christ!

Well, without much ado, here is the pill of the week! Delivered by Sammie's Daily Dose and prescribed by the Holy Spirit! We pray that as you take (and meditate) on these words; you begin to understand the power behind God's Word. We hope that it will encourage you spend time with the word; to discover and understand the beauty and the depth the Word of God has- it is very relevant to us (no matter the period in time we all live in).

God richly bless you! Have a wonderful day (and rest of the week)!


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