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Pill of the Week

Hello ladies and gentlemen! How are you doing? How has your day been? It is another wonderful week that the Lord has made! What are you excited for this week? What are you going to do differently this week? God has blessed us with so many wonderful things! How can we also be a blessing to someone else? How can our lives bring joy to someone? How can we live our ives as a replica of Christ? Think about it! You do not necessarily have to spend money or other resources! It can just be a smile each day to someone or a greeting! Make the difference! Live your life the way God would want you to!

God before self!

As Christians, we must know that one we give our lives to Christ, we no longer lives for ourselves but we live for Christ. This means that we can not live our lives in our style! We have to live our lives according to God's plan/ purpose in our lives! This is the one thing we find difficult to do! Most times, we take God's Grace and Mercy over our lives, for granted! In everything we do and in every step of our lives (no matter how small or big it may be), we must go back to God! The same way we are quick to cry out to God in a time of crisis; we must be quick to call upon our Father, at every step of the way!

Many people do not appreciate the fact that they can not live their lives, according to their own rules! Well, once you allow Christ in and you open your heart to Him, you realise that living a Godly life comes easily! Why? Well, your mind will be renewed! You no longer have a mindset that craves worldly things- nor a mindset that makes you feel like living a Godly life can be likened to a prison! God renews your thoughts (and mindset) with that of His Spirit! He begin to think like Christ! Living a Christ-like life becomes natural to you!

Well, this week, the Holy Spirit wants to remind us to get back into our Father's arms! There are many Christians who live their lives according to their own rules and not God's! However, when they are struggling or uncomfortable they are quick to recognise God! This week's pill is a reminder to put God first always (and in every situation/ circumstance). All the things that you search for (and more) will be given to you; by God as a reward/ blessing for following Him!

Without further ado, here is this week's pill; prescribed by the Holy Spirit! I pray that it encourages you in your journey with God!

God bless you all! Have a wonderful week filled with the Spirit!



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