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Pill of the week

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! How are you doing? I hope you enjoyed the break- especially as we commemorated the death and resurrection of Christ. One of the reasons Christ died on the cross was to set us free! Yes! The enemy does not have any legal document against us! We are free from sin! With that, as Christians we can confidently turn away from our old habits and lifestyle! This is very important! As we live new loves in Christ, we must be careful to do everything God has asked of us! Why? Well, God would hold us accountable for all our actions and thoughts! He has given us all that we need to live Christ-like lives. Most importantly, He sent His son to die on the cross to pay for any debt we may have! In fact, we do not have any excuse to falter or not to follow His ways!

With that being said, this is the pill for the week! This pill was prescribed by the Holy Spirit! As we deliver this pill, we, at Sammie's Daily Dose, pray that it will be a reminder to us of how important our lives are! We pray that it is an encouragement for all, that we must always strive to live a Christ-like life! We present to you, this week's pill...

God richly bless you and have a wonderful week!



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