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Pill of ​the week

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! By God's Grace, this is the third week of the month of November. We are quickly drawing to the end of the year 2020. God has been faithful! He has protected us throughout the year- preserved our lives and provided for us (and our families)- there is a lot to be thankful to God about! Also, it is time to honour God by being obedient and diligently follow Him. With respect to this, the pill of this week is titled:

Obedience= courage

This week, the Holy Spirit wants to encourage you, (yes you!) to rise up and do what God has asked you to do! This may not necessarily be to go and start a church! Each one of us has a purpose on earth; God has given us direction on this, based on our various interests, talents and dreams. It is time to stop procrastinating and pick up the call! This action may be to quite your job and start a business. This may be to speak to someone, God has laid on your heart. This may even be to donate your clothes and some money to orphans. God calls us to work in various ways; to do various things! We have to obey Him and trust that everything He is doing, is for our good! God does not want to see his children sad or hurt! His plans for us are the best! My dear brother or sister in Christ, the time is now! You have everything in you to go forth and shine for God! Don't be shy! Don't be afraid because once you make the decision to obey God and take the first step; He will supply you with the courage! This week, go over this! Make that decision now! God has appointed you to save a soul- a soul He cherishes dearly.

The verse for the week comes from the story of Esther! In the verse we are looking at, we see that Esther went to the king! To talk to him about the abominable rule he had passed against her people- by first, inviting him to dinner! Esther had a lot of courage to do this! This courage came because she obeyed God's assignment for her- to be a "human" intercessor between the Jews and the king. To successfully carry out this task, she needed large amounts of courage which God supplied her with- because she obeyed Him.

You may wonder why Esther's actions is an out-pour of courage! Well, during the times of Queen Esther, no one can go (in)to the presence of the king without an invite. Doing so, was considered treason. The person will be jailed and worse case scenario killed. Despite knowing this, Esther mastered the courage (with God's help) and went to speak to the king. When she went, she found favour in the king's eyes.

This week, as you go about your daily lives; remember this verse! Remember Queen Esther's story! Know that the time to start the business or finish school or change jobs or apply for a job is now! God has spoken to us; we must be obedient-that's the most important thing! You do not need to worry about all the other things! Why? Because God has sorted it all out- even before He called you for that assignment! Always remember that!

My story:

I know that once God instructs us to do something; most of the time, there are many things you would have to factor! Sometimes, the situation you are currently in; may deter us from listening to God! It may not be easy; but God has equipped you to do it! I went through the same thing when starting this ministry! When God told me to start the blog, i had many questions and thoughts. All these were blockades! One of the first few thoughts I had was, "How does God want me to create a website (and blog) when I do not even code?" Then, I thought you need some serious coding skills to start! I thought that no one would read it! I wondered how I will get messages to share! All these thoughts (and fictional scenarios) caused me to procrastinate. However, when I decided to obey God! I was able to pull through! I was able to do things I never thought/ imagined I could do. That is what God does! Once He has given you an assignment, He knows you have all it takes. You just have not realised your (full) potential yet! The most beautiful thing is that, God gives us the courage and strength to pull it off!

God gave me the courage and the strength to build a website, write messages (though I thought I didn't like reading and writing), design my artworks, host events, design and sell stationary, and many more. If God can do that for me; He can definitely do the same for you! Be encouraged! Be strong! You can!

God richly bless you all!

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