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Pill of the week!!

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! How are you doing? How has your week been so far? How has the month been? By God's Grace, we are in the last week of the month of November. The year is slowly drawing to an end! How has your year been? God has taken you through a global pandemic. He preserved your life and that of your family. He provided food on your table and shelter over your head. In fact, God has done a lot in our lives! Have you gone back to Him in thanks?

You are not forgotten!

For this week, the Holy Spirit is prescribing that we hang on to God! Why? Well, you are never forgotten! The Holy Spirit wants to remind you that all the work you do for God has not gone unnoticed. The Holy Spirit wants to let you know that your obedience to God has not gone unnoticed. He will honour you! Not only will He honour you in heaven but here on earth!

This week's pill comes from the book of Esther! The king was having a restless night and asked that the book of chronicles be brought out and read to him. Through that he found out that Mordecai had exposed Bigthana and Teresh. With that the king called for Mordecai to be honoured.

My dear brother and sister in Christ, God has seen you and recorded all that you do! Do not worry; your reward is coming soon! At the right time, you will reap what you have sown- following God's will.

This week, I hope that this verse is an encouragement (and food for thought) for you! God has noticed you! The world will notice you too- soon! God bless you!



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