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Pill of the week!

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! How are you doing? Hope you had a wonderful day! Happy New moth! By God's Grace, we have come to see another month! As you go about your day and your week, please do not forget to go back to God! Don't leave Him behind in all your planning and activities- for without Him you (and I) would not be here!

Strength through it all!

Each day, there is news about the effects and/ or the spread of the COVID- 19 virus! It is reported that a new strain/ variant of the virus has been found- SARS-CoV-2. This new strain seems to be deadlier than the first! Many more complex symptoms are being discovered each day! Many more lives are being taken away! Many families are suffering- they are being pulled apart- because of this global pandemic!

The year has not really began on a positive note for many of us! Despite all the suffering and death happening around the world, you are alive- that is only possible by God's Grace! Coupled with that people are loosing their jobs, people are being driven out of their homes, governments are suffering and many more! No one would have thought or imagined the whole world would be going through such a pandemic- we would have to wear masks to step out and distance ourselves from others!

Though the year seems gloomy and all the things around us seem to be crippling/ failing, today, the Holy Spirit wants to let you know that you have been equipped with Strength! Strength to go through this year and many more- no matter what the enemy may bring your way! Today, know and believe that you have the strength you need to go through this battle! It may seem as though the enemy is winning, trust me, he has already lost! these things are all gimmicks (from the enemy) to make join him as a loser! Don't give him the chance! God is with you! He is with you through everything! He would not let you go through things He knows you can't handle! Always remember to be under His protection- follow Him diligently.

Now, I present to you "The Pill of the Week!" This verse has been prescribed by the Holy Spirit as medicine for our souls this week! I pray that it speaks to you and encourages you to keep moving on for the Lord! God richly bless you!

This month, we are declaring it a month of CHANGE! Yes! In this month, we must work on ourselves to change our behaviour and attitude towards God! What is yet to come is great; it is important as children of God to always be in line with God's will for our lives! We must not take it for granted! That is the reason why it is important to command/ dedicate your year into God's hands! This is so that you are assured that no matter what the enemy may bring your way, God has got you covered! Check out the series "5 steps to command your year"to find out steps to command your year! In addition to this, visit our shop and purchase the complementary workbook to effective command your year! Coaching sessions are available if you would like some guidance through this or Bible study! Just leave a message in the contact form on the website or WhatsApp (+233) 26 437 9848. God bless you !


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