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Pill of the Week!- Important message from the Holy Spirit!

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! How are you doing? I hope you had a wonderful day! Happy New Week! This is the third week of the month and the third week of the year! God has been so good! He has preserved our lives! Many did not make it to this point in time!

Last year taught us many things! I pray that we all took a cue from all that transpired last year! We all don't know what the future holds! In fact, we do not know what the next minute holds! But we have to take charge of what we can control- our relationship with God! The God we serve is a faithful God! He knows and sees everything! He is with us through it all- the good and the bad! He has a plan for each and every single one of us!

We have the power and authority to ensure that we have committed ourselves into God's care! We have the power and authority to align ourselves with God's plans for our lives! The main question is "Have you done so?" We are in ver strange times- the time of a global pandemic! A global pandemic that we all do not really understand the dynamics of! The battle we are all fighting against the pandemic seems very large and out of our reach! But our God is there! Have you committed yourself and your family to Him this new year? Have you commanded your year in Christ? Have you taken hold of the promise He has made to His children, this new year? If your answer to all the questions are "no", it is time to wake up and arise!

The battle up ahead is great! However, the battle is the Lord's. Victory comes from God and from Him alone! Are you a child of God? Are you full immersed in Him? Have you given Him the control over your life? Then, and only then, would you get to enjoy the victory! The battle against COVID is won- for God's children- specifically for those who believe in Him and follow Him diligently! We just have to play our part to command our year in Christ! For what is ahead is great! Without God, you can't make it!

The Holy Spirit's prescription this week, reminds us of the battle we are up against! Most importantly, it reassures us that victory is here! Victory is in Christ and in Him alone! Without any further explanations, the Pill of the Week and ready for your consumption! I pray that this piece (and the verse) awakens you and causes you to arise! For what is coming up is very great!

Do not be afraid! Do not be anxious about how big and mighty the battle looks! As children of God, we are victors! We have already won the battle because we have Christ's backing! Stand strong in faith! God is fighting on your behalf!

God bless you! Have a wonderful evening!

Kindly note that i will be starting a coaching service soon! If you would like some one-on-one support in Bible study, Bible reading, Quiet time, prayer and/ or going through the steps to command your year; I will be making this service available! Thank you! God bless you!


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