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The pill​ of the week

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! How are you doing? Happy new week! Are you excited? I am ready and overjoyed because God has been good to me! What are you joyful for? Is it your family, friends, job; whatever it is; give thanks to God- for provision!

As we mentioned last week, this month, we would like to give thanks to God! How are you ensuring that you do this? Well, to set the ball rolling; this week's pill explores a way where we can show our appreciation to God! One of the ways we can show our appreciation and thanks to God, is to press on and stick up for our Faith- no matter the situation or the consequences!

Ladies and Gentlemen! Here is the pill of the week!! I hope that it serves as a reminder of how we can give thanks to God! God richly bless you! Have a wonderful week!



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