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The Weekend Special- THE TIME IS NOW!

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen! How are you all doing? What did you learn at church today? One thing I learnt from service today was that we must humble ourselves before the Lord and He will lift us up. This is because God is putting everything we are going through or once went through together to produce something good and beautiful. Hallelujah!

Today’s message is a very short and simple one. As today marks the end of September, this message is to encourage you to take that bold step no matter the situation you are going through.

This message is titled The Time is Now! Because it is for each and every single one of you. It is for you, who wants to get closer to God. It is for you, if you have been called to do God’s work. It is for you, if you have been going through a lot. It is for you, if you feel broken or hurt. it is for you, if you are expecting that miracle. This message is for you, if you have been planning to set up a business. It is for you, if you are weary and tired. This message is for each and every one of you.

God is telling us today that The Time is Now! Everything we have been going through before today was for our good. It was to prepare us and also to get your attention. It is time to cease the moment and do what you have to do. God is with you, let Him direct your path and He lift you up. I pray that God gives you the strength to take the bold step to change and move forward in His Will. I pray that you will be able to hear God’s voice as He speaks to you daily and shows you where to go. Remember no matter your present conditions or your past doings, God loves you. He does not care about all those things. He cares about what is inside. Do not be scared, God already knows and sees everything; all He wants you to do is willingly come to Him. He is ready for you. The Time is Now! The Time is Now! He has giving you everything you need to do it. So do it. You will not regret the decision to do so.

I am praying to God that this simple message encouraged you. The Time is Now! You may not see it or feel it; but God is telling you that it is and that He is with you every step of the way. Do not fear. Hallelujah!

  • Have a wonderful Sunday and let God inspire you!

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