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Faith Mini-Series [Faith Collection Launch Post 2]- Let Faith Lead the Way!

Let Faith Lead the Way!

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! How are you doing? I hope you had a wonderful day! We are already in the middle of the week! The month is quickly coming to an end! By God’s Grace, we have come through another month! In other news, there are 3 days more to the launch of the Faith Collection and the Easter baskets of Faith! We are so excited about this! Are you? This collection has been carefully, prayerfully designed by Sammie (with love). She is so excited for everyone to get a chance to surround himself/ herself with God’s word- and the reminder to exercise Faith each day! Watch out for the launch this Friday!!

Yesterday was the beginning of the beginning of our mini-series on Faith, ahead of the launch on Friday! Have you had the chance to read yesterday’s message? I would encourage you to do so! Faith is a very deep but delicate matter, especially for Christians! I pray you find the time to read both messages on Faith! God bless you!


Whenever I speak to people about Faith, they are always intrigued about it. A lot of people have so many questions about Faith! I always wonder why Christians keep all their questions and thoughts about this journey to themselves! You have the ability to ask God Himself; why do we shy away from doing so? Well, this is a topic for another day!

Faith is not something we should take lightly! Why? Well, Faith is what we need for life- a Godly life, that is! You see, to become a Christian is to have Faith! To go on a journey with Christ means to have Faith! As you go on this journey, you and I have to work to grow stringer in Faith! This helps us to withstand all the pressures and battles we may face (both spiritually and physically).

We can grow in Faith, by spending quality time with God! This can be done through Bible study and meditation, prayer or praise/ worship! However, the most important way is through Bible study and meditation! Here, you will get exposed to God’s word for yourself and interact with God’s word for yourself! With that, God can teach you more about Him and you can understand God (and His ways) much better! You then get to learn how to live a God-filled life- that is living by Faith!

Romans 1:17 tells us that “…the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith; as it is written, ‘The Just shall live by Faith.’” As Christians, as we grow in Faith, God reveals all the key ingredients we need to live a pure, righteous, sin-free life! That is, living a Christ-like life! So as we go about each day, let’s put Faith first! Let us exercise Faith so that we can live a Christ-like life! We should let Faith lead the way!

Every day of my life, I do my best to let Faith lead! How do I do this? Well, by first of all trusting God to help me through the day! By treating God as my partner for life- going back to Him first for anything I need; financially, emotionally, mentally! I cast all my worries and fears to God and place my wishes and goals before Him! I go to Him in most of the decisions I have to make. I spend time allowing God to fill my heart- He teaches me how to live a Godly life. He teaches to distinguish good from bad! He equips me with strength, confidence, wisdom and power, to go through all I have to do! And many, many more!

I think it is time to let Faith lead in your life! This is the way to live a Just and Holy life! As Christians, this is what we should aim for- living Christ-like lives! God richly bless you!



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