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Pill of the Week!

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! How are you doing? The middle of the month is here already! Can you believe this? This year is drawing to a close quite quickly. As we are going into a new year, as Christians we have to be ready for the new year. God is about to do many wonderful things in our lives. Are you ready?

You will realise that over the past few weeks, the Holy Spirit has been teaching us some very important lessons. Have you got a hint of this? In the Esther's Glory series, the Holy Spirit has been teaching us about conquering the enemy, victory, etc. I hope you are following keenly! God is about to change your situation as you are entering into the new year! This new year, God is taking His children to an even greater height! Are you prepared? Well, it is not too late! Go back to God and stay grounded in His Word. Do not let this holiday period be marked with only parties. Spend time with God! Take time to pray into the new year! Read through the messages in the on-going series and stand firm on God's promises.

This week, the Holy Spirit has prescribed another pill! This week's pill is to encourage you and I that God has not forsaken us! The pill is to uplift our souls by letting us know that with Christ we have won the battle! The enemy tried to steal, kill and destroy us! His grand plan has failed! God is about to turn the enemies' plan to your favour!

You might be at a very bad point in your life. It feels like the enemy is winning the battle! All hope is lost! Or you may be going through something quietly! The enemy has been fighting against your progress in a particular area of your life! Or, there is a aspect of your life, that you have been struggling in for years! You think that there is no way around it! Well, this week, the Holy Spirit is telling you otherwise! The Holy Spirit has this message for you...

Know that everything planned against you; has been overturned to favour you! Stand firm in God's word and God's promises! See the marvellous things He is about to do in your mind! Are you ready? You are going to be amazed by God's Might and Power!

God bless you! Have a wonderful evening and let God inspire you!


The month of December is a very special month for us at Sammie's Ministries. Can you guess why? Well, stay tuned for a special announcement tomorrow on the Sammie's Ministries Instagram page (@sammiesministries). If you don't follow us already, join the family now! God bless you!



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