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Pill of the Week: Holy Spirit Teachings (ACTIONS!!)

Pill of the Week: Holy Spirit Teachings

Topic: ACTION!!

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Happy New Month! This is the first blog post in the month of February! It is by Grace we have made it this far! I hope you are all excited for all that God is bringing your way this month! I pray that we are all spending some time in God’s presence, allowing Him to direct our path! This year is a very crucial year in the lives of all Believers! The enemy is working very hard to ensure that we fall short of God’s Glory! We must be ready to put up a fight and claim what is rightfully ours, as Children of God!

In today’s post, the Holy Spirit is teaching us about “ACTIONS!” Yes, our actions as Children of God! How do we act and react? Are we motivated by the world or instructed by God? The word “action” can be broken down to four key words- process, doing, achieve and aim. For an action to be complete, there must be a process to doing one thing or another to ensure that a particular goal/ aim is achieved. No one ever does anything without a reason. What are reasons behind your actions?

When our actions are inspired by God, the whole world can see it. How? Well, the process will be right and truthful. All things will be done with God’s help. The achievement/ success of your effort would be directed to God and can evidently be associated to God! Look at your life! What do your action(s) convey- to yourself, your family and friends, and the whole world? Do you need to convince everyone, the motive and logic of your actions? Or are you trying hard to draw relationships between your actions and God’s Words? Always remember that all the actions you take that are fueled by God speak for themselves! You don’t need to convince anyone of God’s Power, Might and/or Wonder!

Before the dose is delivered, take a few minutes to reflect on your actions! Are they fueled by God or by self? Are they fueled by God or by the world? Truthfully answering these questions would help to change the mindset and help us to identify (and work) on the area(s) we may experience some trouble.

Without much ado, I present the pill of the week! This pill has been prescribed and signed-off by the Holy Spirit! I pray that it speaks to your heart and gives you the courage to do what is right and necessary for your spiritual growth! God bless you!

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.”

God richly bless you for reading and I pray this message blesses you! Please do not hesitate to reach out to me, with your questions, feedback, etc. Have a wonderful week and let God inspire you!

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