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Pill of the Week- Holy Spirit Teachings (God is still in the miracle business [part 1])

Pill of the Week: Holy Spirit Teachings
Topic: God is still in the miracle business
[Part 1]

Good evening, ladies, and gentlemen! How are you doing? Happy new month and happy new week! We are in the 10thmonth of the year; we give God the Glory! In this month, may we continue to hold on to God’s word and claim our victory! Amen!

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On that note, let us get right into the message for the week!

A lot of us Christians are always praying/ seeking a miracle. We are always comparing ourselves to others and praying for their lifestyles, etc. as our miracles. One thing we forget to do is to acknowledge God for all the miracles He’s given us- and those He continues to give to us each day.

A lot of the time, we forget about the little things Grace has given us for free! We think it’s normal; we are expectant - we almost think it’s a part of life. Look, it is just by Grace we are live, we can walk around, sit, talk, laugh, jump, bath, sleep, work, think, speak, the list goes on and on. We should never think that we deserve it. Oh no, no! Who are we that we deserve God’s attention? It is just by His Grace and His Love for us!

With that, we must show gratitude each day, for all He is doing! We must show that we care! That is why it is important to involve God in your life. You cannot own or have anything without Him! My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, it is not time to be greedy! It is time to get closer to God! The world we live in, is getting scarier and stranger by the day! The enemy is seriously at work- the enemy confuses us sometimes.

All that you wish for and pray earnestly for; God has done it! But we must honor Him daily- to show Him that we are responsible, and we appreciate all He does for us. Truth be told, we complain about people who are ungrateful for what we have given them, yet we do the same to God. Let our actions speak louder than our words. The way we live our lives, is evidence to the whole world of who a Child of God is. Always remember that!

Always be grateful for the little things so that God can bless you with the bigger things! Do not take Him for granted!

This is the message the Holy Spirit has been teaching me for a while now! I was ashamed when I realized that I lived my life as though I was doing God a favor! I am not perfect; I am striving to become Christ-like; in my pursuit to be like Christ, the Holy Spirit is teaching me all these things about my character! I know that By His Grace, I would get there- I know that you can achieve same!

As you reflect on this message, the pill of the week is ready! The Holy Spirit has prescribed a pill to help us through the week as we reflect on our lives and make the decision to be grateful to God for all He has done. Without much ado, I present the pill of the week!

God richly bless you for reading. I would like to recommend a song by Maverick City Music, titled “Million Little Miracles.” Below is the Youtube link to the song. I pray you have been blessed!

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